Sneak Peek Underworld troops



Nice. Beholder kingdom

I can’t wait to see the new Divines!


Are they all gonna be beholders/cyclops?

Oh great, another divine to add to the meta, what could go wrong?

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Welp, divine meta, you had a nice run.

Looks like it’s time for the monster meta to take the stage.

So… I’m guessing the one on the left is the empowered divine devourer then?


The Underworld is most likely to be home to demons than divine troops.

The new meta troop will be:
Attack the two lowest HP troops, Deal 2x your attack power as true damage, if either dies kill the entire enemy team.

I am sure they play tested this and found it not over powered at all.
/sarcasm off


New Troop: Eye of the Beholder
10 red mana
Will cause a random enemy troop to fall in love with this troop and will elope on the spot.
(Both troops leave the battle.)
1st trait: Bonus mana on red gem matches
2nd trait: Will cause a random enemy troop to lose either 5 mana or 1 magic point each turn
3rd trait: 90 % chance of summoning a random Beholder upon death or elopement.

I’m calling it now… the new map and every new kingdom on it will have a cash shop of some sort. :smiley:

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All new troops will charge you 1000 gold per battle. Mythics will charge you 5000 gold per battle.

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No @Presto, they don’t charge gold, they charge :gem: s and lots of them. For a balanced economy. Cause there are far to many ways to get gems in the game and not nearly enough gem sinks.

they look alieny will need this as a troop to defeat!



Orc/daemon named Nuk’ Duchem.

Flavor text … He’s all out of bubblegum


Hmmm I think it’s safe to say we now know where the Eyelet pet really comes from…

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For most games that would make sense, but for this game all Underworld creatures will probably be Daemon/Divine, just for giggles.


Did someone say Divine?


Also, on a sliiiiiiightly more serious note, we are trying to spread out our troop types.

Our next mythic was going to be an elf/divine, but after feedback from the player-base the divine has been switched with another troop type. :slight_smile:


This is AWESOME news! It’s not that we don’t like divines… it’s just, we ALSO like the other types as well.

Oh look, Salty posted a gif of Ishbaala.:smirk:


Isn’t that Sister Superior on her day off?