Who knew goblins were sooo delicious...burp!



hehe revenge is sweet (and so are goblins)

what the hell are these crazy health and damage of your troops ?

Probably all kingdom bonuses.

Kingdom bonus is just +2 life. Maybe you are looking at Gob-Chomper who has just eaten some very tasty goblins and therefore gained their life and attack !

Omg, I didn’t realise the new troop devours the goblins. Awesome!

well these cards has not less than 17 attack and 28 life , and one with 57 attack and 121 life . maybe he eated … I don’t know … that you can eat enemy troops and gain their stats.

That’s what Devour ability does. It eats the enemies and gains their stats.

Or in the case of black beast you can eat your allies to gain their stats. Potent strategy for an over powered black beast is to use a troop that makes more troops. Then you eat the summoned troop to gain its stats.

any example ?
Because I assume that once one of the 4 troops dies , it could not be substituted with another or revived.

Yes it can. There are several troops that summon a minion. Like Goblin King summoning a lower level Goblin.

Who is that whale u have 2ndly lined up?

A quick update - have replaced Shadow-Hunter with Anu’s Sceptre now to keep stoking the chomper and concentrate all efforts on unleashing him - but getting that third trait is gobtastic since he now starts the game on full mana so there’s a chance from the outset of a juicy green treat !

Since you have that third trait, I would consider using 3 of them (maybe with prismatic orb or similar), this way you can just set them off one after another…

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What a hilarious and fun idea!

…I am going to try that right now :grinning::smile:
…So…Glade Warden and 3 Chomps …only the third Chomp chomped then I had to struggle to mana them up again but won. Next tried 3 Chomps and Prismatic. This time the first and third chomped lol. Had a construct goblin to take care of then at just 11 damage a time until he got blasted with a 53 skull heh heh. All in all quite a blast. However, I found that it was better to let the one Chomper get fatter and fatter with more life/attack than spread over 3 Chompers so therefore I found the more rounded mana feeding team to be quicker and just a bit more efficient.

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There are a nine troops that can summon another troop. Those that can summon with a spell are; Dark Master, Dokkalfar, Gar’nok, Goblin King, and Summoner. The troops that summon another troop with a trait are; Dokkalfar, Gorgotha, Moloch, Summoner, The Silent One, and Warlock. You are right that a troop can not be revived or substituted but that does not stop a troop from being summoned.