There will be more and more Gorgotha in Defend team?

:sweat: Granite Skin reduce too many damage from skulls.
Fortunately(or not), we will get Arcane Mountain Traitstone this week…

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Steps to Win against Gorgotha starting this week :

  • Trait your own Gorgotha
  • Build a team around Gorgotha using spell damage as primary damage source
  • Let your ennemy match the pointless skulls while you make mana and tear him down
  • ???
  • PROFIT !

I don’t think this could solve the problem…
high attack, armor, life make it become hard to defeat.:expressionless:

Granite skin Gorgotha is not difficult to defeat. Just devour him.


Over saturation of Gorgotha this week due to Arcane Mountain?
Use Arcane Mountain to help Maw devour the foe!


Well, you didn’t say what IS the problem.

If it’s about having longer battles, yes it might make longer battles (unless you use Maw as others advised you).
But if your concern is about winning, since you will also use Gorgotha traited, there’s no problem.

There’s also Dust Devil and that player weapon that knocks people out of position.

Doesn’t help much with the 4 Gorgotha teams that take a while to kill.

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I know the feel, some guy is running a
3 * Gorgotha ***
Priest Hero *** with Sands of Time

(I think he should use a Mercy instead of one of the Gorgotha though)

Got him in defense last night, when I was about to go to bed and thought “Oh, I guess I can afford to do one more battle to clear my defenses before going to sleep”. 20mins later… :sleeping:


AoE spell damage would work fine then. Crimson Bat comes to mind. Crescendo or Black Manacles would work too…


I had hoped that common sense would prevail and peeps would realise that if Gorgotha appears in a ton of defences then the forum will moan and the nerf bat will come out. Had hoped with Gorg being so good for offensive team that people would not stick a big red flag on him…never rely on the common sense of an average gamer…lol


To me he is not even worth playing yet.

As others said, Great Maw is one of the best ways to handle traited Gorgotha and just so happens to use the same traitstones that you can get in glory packs this week. You really don’t need to trait him though, his spell is enough for one Gorgotha and his boosted stats by the devour will significantly reduce the time you take for teams with multiple Gorgothas.

Any kind of spell damage heavy teams dispatches of Gorgothas quickly too, others have already mentioned AoE options be it true damage or regular… strong single target spell damage works just as well, Knight Coronet or Druid are easily accessible strong spell damage options for example, no need for any legendary troops.

Yes traited Gorgotha is easily the strongest counter to basic Skull damage teams, and yes it will show up more often now in defense teams with its arcanes being available for glory (they were already in what felt like 50% of defenses among the higher level player defenses before that so, not much going to change there) but they are easy to adapt to and the game offers many many different options to do so.
If you don’t want to switch teams for different defenses like me, make a versatile team that is not solely relying on basic skull generation.



Traited gorgotha is easy to defeat. Spell damage and true damage.

It’s simple: just don’t run a skull damage team to defeat him.

This is one of the easiest things to adapt to and is a perfect fit for the game.


I don’t think we’ll see a huge surge since it’s an Ultra-Rare troop (i.e., only 1 stone per pack). I had banked about 3k Glory in anticipation of an Arcane Mountain troop but I’m not spending it b/c it’s so inefficient as an Ultra-Rare. 3k Glroy will get me an Epic troop I’ll never use after this week and 10 Arcane Mountains, which isn’t even enough to trait him up. Pass.

That said, Gorgotha is clearly OP. Seems clear he and Bone Dragon need a nerf after they’ve single-handedly carried teams to the finals in the fantasy draft. They’re just too “complete”.

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I am genuinely not sure if this is sarcasm or your serious opinion.

This makes no sense.

  1. The drafts were open to interpretation.
  2. Bd was on the prefect team setup for him.
  3. Gorgortha was used on a team the way he was meant to be used in game.

This also proves nothing because point 1.

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my opinion is bone dragon and gorgotha are not good enough for me and are hardly op to which is why they are not in any of my teams.

No he isn’t, he is weak on everything but burning and skull damage. What is the point of a legendary trait if it is not better than the rest? Like @Machiknight said just don’t run a skull lineup. What needs to be changed is the mindset that a single lineup should be able to defeat the entire game and anything that gets in the way of your lineup needs a nerf.


This right here.

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