Can we put some thought into our defense teams?


Three Gorgothas and a Dragonator 8000? Please. To my guys that’s like a bowl of breakfast cereal. Snap crackle pop. At least give me some Eggs Benedict, if not a nice chicken fried steak. Something to go with my morning NY Times. Thank you.


I think that I know exactly who you are talking about :laughing: I draw that team on a regular basis.


My defense team is my offense team cause I have no other troops developed. It’s built a round Luther so should be different enough for most people.


i put a new team up each week. Usually either the same type (divine) or land (sword coast) as the new troop or event area :slight_smile:


And while I’m on my little mini-rant, an honorable mention goes to the knucklehead 4x Dust Devil defense team. You people do realize that after the AI casts all four of their spells, my guys are lined up top to bottom just the way I want them? :stuck_out_tongue::grinning:


Sometimes I’m wishing for a restriction that says: Once that troop got a unique name (e.g. Gorgotha) you can only have that troop in your team once.

I mean… Gorgotha is a big bad demon, who got sealed in Khaziel’s mountains for ages guarded by a gold dragon. Why’s there now three of them?


you mean 4? technically 5? He is a daemon of the earth and has power we can’t understand.


@captain_video, another team for this discussion…

But big thanks to this person for paying me 3200 in gold :kissing:


you are welcome :bouquet:

but i did put though tinto the team… it was meant to be "annoying but not off-putting"
it is also unique - I haven’t seen anyone else with a similar team so far (maybe because it is terrible :sweat_smile:)


You succeeded in spades :slight_smile:


@Larohar I didn’t take note of the name, did you get me in a revenge match?


oh was it just now? maybe… i had some revenge battles. but i wasn’t looking at my opponents names too.
I just assumed it was me, because like I said I never saw anyone with that team (and the stats match)


Actually it was annoying and surprisingly effective… Interested to know if it’s getting many wins?

Not sure I’ll bother invading you again as the RNG gods made that match long and hellish… Almost lost a troop before I won…


I don’t know what would qualify as many wins. I am not really keeping track, but it does win every now and then, maybe like 20ish% (might be completely off… but I am confident it is between 5% and 50% :sweat_smile:). I wish there were more detailed defense statistics (v2.0 - plz?).


Then, should a Gorgotha be allowed to be in a match against another Gorgotha? If so, why would it make more sense to you? and if not, how would that be implemented?