Evolved Gorgatha


Not sure if I’m in the right tab but I was just wondering if any one has any advice on defeating Evolved Gorgotha? I’ve gotten to LV 53 but for some stupid reason its like impossible to beat him. I’ve tried using all of my higher ranked troops too and its just not working.
If any one has any methods or ways to finish him I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance :joy:


Try using Ferit if you have him. Ideally you could use a troop that can generate or convert purple or brown to feed him.

Good luck!


Thanks I’m pretty sure I have him so I’ll give him a try!


Hey @Eye_of_Xathanos,

if you have them, you could try one of the control teams out there. The most effective lowish rarity ones are:

  • Treant/Alchemist/Valkyrie/Banshee (the one I used in the quest)
  • Gorgon/Giant Spider/Green Seer/Boar Rider

It sometimes takes a few tries but it does get the job done.


Try a Green Giant cycle

Green/purple banner

(Any red/black hero/troop (Alchemest works well))
Green Seer
Giant Spider
Boar Rider

It’ll probably be a long fight but there’s no reason you can’t get there


What worked for me back then was the good old and trusted team of:

  • Hero with Eternal Flame
  • Alchemist
  • Banshee
  • Valkyrie (It used to be Finley but his colors got changed in a patch sadly)

Another good option would be to use:

  • Hero or Red/Brown troop
  • Giant Spider
  • Green Seer
  • Boar Rider

Basically, try to get a loop going so that you keep your turn. This prevents him from charging up his ability.
Good Luck!

Edit: I’m too slow :frowning:


Personally I don’t care how long it takes as long as he goes down and thanks! :joy:


Thanks for the advice!


Update us with your progress @Eye_of_Xathanos


You might not have them yet. Troops with devour work :wink:
I got Kerberos very early game and he made quick work of E-Gorgotha.


Once you get them any troop that deals True Damage with spells will take him down too. Bypasses the Granite Skin.


Evolved Gorgotha doesn’t ever get Granite Skin, thankfully!


The title says “PC/Mobile”. Are we talking about consoles? I guess I should ask what is “Evolved Gorgotha” then?


The final, FINAL boss of the Khaziel questline


Oh that’s right. Been a long time since I did that questline. Totally forgot. Thanks.


I used the old school rock work team and dropped him first.


UPDATE: I tweaked my team a few times and managed to get Gorgotha by himself with like 11 life left but because I couldn’t use silence on him due to the three skulls he managed to kill my last troop since the scull combo wasn’t enough damage. But I’m not giving

up yet :joy:


Evolved Gorgotha, also known as Mega Rainbow Gorgotha, has at least 50 health and 20 armor. His team pals are two Rockworms and an Ancient Horror.

One of the problems with using a control deck against this team is that looping builds can be slow starters. Since Gorgotha is prismatic and will accept any colour mana, should he fill up faster than you can it’ll be mostly Game Over.

So having either Ferit or Spider Queen or any mana-draining/ targetable silencing troop is essential to maintaining control over the board. Use your mana drain ability on Gorgotha any time he looks like he’s about to top up.

Gorgotha also has the most amount of life which makes him susceptible to damage from Shadow Hunter. Between Ferit and Shadow Hunter and a purple mana generator to keep them going, you’ll find that it only requires 2 or 3 shots from Shadow Hunter to finish off Gorgotha.

So the moral of the story is: Take out Gorgotha first. As a mana-generator he’s absolutely the most dangerous! Worry about the Rockworms later during mop-up.


Two suggestions:

1 - Use a mana-converter, and prioritize removing all the brown gems.
2 - Have a mana-drain troop, and keep him on empty.


Gorgatha really isn’t the great of an offensive troop. He is just a tank and a secondary mana generator.

The solution is simply not to depend on skull damage builds but instead use damage spell to take him out. So don’t use skeleton, Sheggra, Bone Dragon type builds.

True damage troops like Crimson bat are best as they bypass armor.
Boar Rider and an all goblin build is powerful.
Queen Mad can do insane damage.
Shadow hunter does insane damage.

If you have to use skulls, use bone dragons and take his armor out with that.
Paladin can do insane damage is coupled with a shield buff.

Seriously, i love it when someone has Gorgatha in their lineup, he doesn’t bother me in the least but I never use skull damage builds either.