FG or Gorgotha?

Thanks to @Sththunder for convincing me to create a topic, and to @Fourdottwoone for providing the subject matter :wink: .

Which troop and spell would you rather build a team around:

  • Forest Guardian “Nature’s Ally”
  • Gorgotha “Doomstones”

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Forest Guardian every single time. Charging your entire team to 50% > having a damage sponge. By the time you charge up Gorgotha enough to explode a bunch of stuff you could’ve had 3 or 4 devour attempts from your Kerberoses.

That 50% is pretty good, but I’m fuzzy on the math. Doesn’t it only happen once? 3 or 4 Kerby casts with that starting bonus is 40-56 mana, so not sure how you’re getting that before somebody could get 15 with Gorgotha?


I have grown very fond of Gorgotha and exploders. In fact I even built an Exploders team for PVP/explore and have named it Doomstones.

Favorite thing to do? Get the AI down to its last troop with less than 5hp and cast Gorgotha to end the match so when the name of the spell comes across the screen it’s like Gorgotha screaming the name of the Team in Victory!

DOOMSTONES!!! :metal:


You don’t build team around Gorgotha, Gorgotha builds team around you.


Yes its only at the start of the battle. The math/advantage is in the teams speed and turn one first strike opportunity, to take out a critical troop on the other team. Problem is its not guaranteed by any stretch.

Edit I chose FG for the fun of building a team with a semblance of synergy. Although Gordo is a better troop.

Gorgotha all the way. He has Synergy with around 98% of all troops with the only counters being things with stun and Psion.

Nature Guardian only works with beasts and is the weakest of the 3 double convert troops if it is built in any team other than 4x beasts.


Went with Gorgotha, purely because I have a lot of teams with it as tank, easy to mana charge everything.

FG not so much, though it has two teams I really like.

One being:
Giant Spider
Forest Guardian
Pharos - Ra

Then a fun as team I’ve been running this week is:

Assassin Hero (Sheggra’s Heart)
Infernal King
Forest Guardian

Talon banner to charge FG in only two green matches to start the skull blammo! So many skulls!

Gorgotha you don’t really build a team around. You can just throw him in front of any almost three troops and it kinda works. Hes usually an afterthought for me if I need frontline fodder for those colors and don’t feel like thinking a whole lot. If I’m going to build a team around a spell, it is most likely going to be Forest Guardian’s convert, even discounting traits.


There’s also the question of invading or defending. I suspect Forest Guardian is more popular in defending teams, Gorgotha in invading teams.


Exactly what I was going to say. The AI can’t play Gorgotha properly. Gorgotha basically has 2 functions. He’s an awesome tank and he can explode gems to fill your other troops. Now the AI can’t screw up the tanking part, but the filling up the other troops is not something the AI excels at. The AI keeps casting Gorgotha even though all other teams mana is completely full… :frowning:

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Yep, plus the AI takes skulls when playing gorgotha which is a waste of time given that skull damage to gorgotha is less ‘damage’ and more of a tickle

Gorgotha all the way he is the best tank in the game, can cleanse, Work in almost any team, generates mana for everything and can loop really well. I actually won a GW battle just by looping Gorgotha and Garuda. I’m not a big fan of beast teams and Forest Guardian is only really good with them plus he needs alignment for his spell to work and it isn’t always possible to get alignment.

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The wording is part of what makes FG an easy choice. You don’t really build a team around Gorgotha’s spell. It’s not even a “team” spell per se. To the extent you are building around him, it’s all about the 3rd trait not the spell. (I’d argue you don’t even build a team around Gorgotha; you just plug him in at the top regardless of the team and he’ll be super useful.)

FG on the other hand has to be built around and when he is the results are phenomenal. (As evidenced by the forums since the release of GW.)

If the question were, “You can only ever have one of the two, which would you pick?” then Gorg would be the easy choice b/c he’s so versatile and isn’t dependent on other troops to be effective.


These are some really good points.

Not on console, he used to but hasn’t loop casted for the last few updates now.
FG is rather nice but niche, gorgotha is a tanker who fills everyone else up and cleanses himself, it’s a no brainer from me tbh.

The real question- Is Gorgotha a Tommy Tanker?!

As for the topic at hand, I’d rather use Gorgotha over Forest Guardian in one of my teams since Forest Guardian needs beasts around him to justify having him in your team in the first place, which I hardly do unless I want a change of scenery with beast troops.

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Forest Guardian is a key part in one of my go-to PvP teams (which is only slightly beasty). I love converters so I’d pick him over Gorgotha any time. (Plus he reminds me of the Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke, and I loved that movie.) YMMV.

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This covers it. Gorg works so well because the AI is too stupid to realize that beating him down with skulls is a total waste of time. So you skull bait and pretty much get the edge for mana and spellcasting.

I voted gorgeous simply because of his 3rd trait and exploding spell. He’s a mana generator and tank in one, and he self cleanses! He operates on his own.

FG is more specialized and better than gorg when FG is with 2-3 other beasts, mostly for his fast trait for all beasts. His spell is good, but expensive, and hard to line up for free turns, in my experience. When I use beast teams, it’s mostly for fast Kerb devour. And let’s face it, everyone who uses beast teams on defense uses it for fast Kerb devour.

Delinquent I think probably covered it the way I would.

FG is a brick while Gorgotha is mortar.