FG or Gorgotha?

What’s the 2%?

Mostly other brown/yellow troops. Essentially anything he blocks all mana from.


Like maw, he needs a lot of mana for a legendary.

Gorgotha needs 15 brown/yellow, and Maw needs 24 brown/yellow.
They’re pretty much in different leagues when it comes to mana needed to charge… :slight_smile:

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He’ll be mostly placed at top. No one is gonna block him. 2% from 355 is 7-8 troops, I was just curious what troops do you think he’s not synergized with.

It is probably more that with two Brown/yellow in a team you limit the number of feedable gem colours in your team, making the explodes of Gorg waste a significant amount of mana.
Also i don’t think Tacet meant the 2% literally :wink:

I meant. ‘like maw’ meaning that he’s a troop that won’t work very well with gorgotha. Sorry, I worded it poorly.

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Gorgotha is not a “build-around” card, FG very much is. So the question can have only one answer.
Gorgotha is a super utility card though, I will always have more teams with him than with FG.


Gorgotha all the way. No contest. One of, if not THE best support troops.