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Over-powered Troops & A Nerf Bat

There are a few cards left that need a nurf bat. I will tell
you which ones and why.

First off, the game is much much better after the last
update. It feels like there is more diversity in terms of builds; there are
fewer goblin and skull spam builds now which is nice.

DO NOT nerf Gorgotha’s Granite Skin

Some people will think Gorgotha’s granite skin trait is too
powerful. I disagree! Granite skin is a game changer because it’s the only
effective counter against skull spamming builds and there needs to be an effective
counter against them. This card makes it possible to go against Bone Dragon and
Sheggra without cringing. Keep it!

There are already too many skulls in the game. Gorgotha
makes spells count!

Skull spamming builds are also overpowered in general and
Gorgotha now creates a balance.

Shadow-Hunter needs nerfing.

The “damage boosted by total enemy life” works great at
lower levels, but when up against higher level players with a ton of health on
their troops, this is literally a low mana one-shot kill troop.

The only other one shot kill troop in the entire game is the
Great Maw and he is a really high mana cost.

No card should be a one shot kill troop in my opinion,
especially if it has a really low mana cost.

He needs both a higher cost and a lower damage/health ratio;
maximally he should be able to kill an enemy in two shot; not one.

The Great Maw needs Nerfing

What a cool idea for a troop. Neat idea but it’s the single
most powerful card in the game now and it’s totally overpowered.

Couple it with a Mercy with full traits (starts battle with
full mana) and The Great Maw can often cast on the second or third turn. I have
even seen the computer get lucky and cast him on the first turn.

If Maw is traited so he has a chance to devoir on skull
damage, he is way too powerful.

A Mercy/Maw combo is the only build in the game that will
actually beat me more often than not. I can sometimes get lucky and win but I
have to get very lucky.

Since the Mercy/Maw combo can fire off on the 1st,
2nd or 3rd turn, there is no effective counter build in
THE GAME without effective counters.

At a minimum, the chance to devoir on skull damaged needs to be removed and
changed to something different.

Celestria’s Barrier trait needs to be nerfed

This troop can;

  1. Cast and spam its own gem color and thusly
    create a 4 match to trigger it’s own barrier.

  2. Buff its own health in the process.

  3. Chain cast if lucky.

This can create a repeating casting cycle that is a total
pain in butt. I once played a round where I had three troops left and Celestria
chained til she had over 200 hit points. I had to quit the game because it
could take an hour to take her down.

I can always defeat her eventually but it can take some time
it’s NOT FUN. It’s annoying!

Gem spam, auto-barrier, auto-health buff and the ability to
chain is too much.

Maybe remove her ability to target herself or just change
the barrier ability to something else.

Knight Coronet

This guy doesn’t ruin the game but is certainly overpowered.

His traits are excellent. Not only does he get 50 percent
skull damage reduction but he gains 3 points in all skill in 1st

At my late state in the game this means;

If he is in 1st position he does 19 points of damage to the first
and last enemy +1 damage for each 2 purple gem removed.

If there were say 10 purple gems on the board, that’s 24
damage x 2 or 48 damage.

That is an amazing amount of damage for mana cost of only 12. Plus you can
combine him with Mercy to get an immediate shot off on the 1st, 2nd
or 3rd turn plus buff his heath when he is already an amazing tank.

He also combines well with Valarie, Alchemist, Jarl Firemantle and Webspinner

I can always beat a build that uses this guy but he is over-powered
for his mana cost for sure.

Boar Rider

This troops is not completely overpowering as it is but it’s
a hard hitter for the mana cost. I think the mana cost should be even a tad
higher than what you already did.

It’s ok as-is though and doesn’t ruin the game.

Anyhoo, hope that give you some feedback.


This topic is 48 hours early yo.

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I suspect this is going to catch a lot of hate posts

Can we wait until after troops reach the console before we get into heavy needing already?

I agree with that sentiment. Watch this thread get completely ruined when all the troops in the combat update have been revealed with all the buffs and nerfs. For all we know bone dragon is too weak as a troop and gets buff, black cat’s spell is made worthless because of all the spell buffs to other troops. Really this topic seems to make the assumtion that those troops have not been considered for the buffs/nerds bat.

I wasn’t expecting to agree with a post that had “nerf” in its title, but I think you make some very good points.

Not sure if I agree with you on Celestasia and Boar Rider, but I think your other comments are well considered. Now to wait and see what happens in the next 24 hours.

Agreed, Gorgotha’s fine. Some people are just too reliant on skull spam or only one team.

If I may ask, is there any reason you find Shadow-Hunter to be worthy of nerfing and not Rakshanin?
Purely out of curiosity.

I will agree that The Great Maw’s a little too… great. My problem lies more with it’s Third Trait rather than it’s spell though. Even if the Mercy Combo’ing is obnoxious, I can usually avoid it. (By denying yellow/purple.)

Celestia is rather manageable if you run the right team. Even when paired with Gorgotha I rarely lose to a team with Celestia. Though it is time extensive, a team with attack boosting greatly reduces the trouble.

Knight Coronet is quite the opponent. He’s one of the very few troops that’s good at any level, from beginning to end. I think at most he needs less Magic gain in his last few level ups. (Stopping at about 5 or 6.)

I like Boar Rider as is. I still think he should be Beast type though.

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people tend to agree or disagree based on what they are using. seen it over and over on here. then see persons team in game and that’s exactly the reason they wanted or didn’t want a nerf.
just my 2 cents

The only thing I agree with here is that boar rider needs retooling. Everything else is totally manageable with smart counters. I’ve got a deck that will chew through a 4x celest deck like it’s nothing.

A fully mythic traited boar rider on the other hand is probably one of the most powerful troops in the game. Out of its League for rarity for sure. 24 spell damage, 28 attack.

I don’t think it’s type should be changed however because it is a Marauder not a beast. That would be like calling a Cavalry unit a beast because it’s a guy riding a horse.

I don’t have the high level experience to comment on that section. But do remember that some of these cards (eg Knight Coronet and Boar Rider) are great cards for low level players when they might not have access to higher rarity cards. So nerfing them just because they over perform at higher levels could cause some bigger issues for lower level players.

I’m not saying the cards shouldn’t be balanced, but just reminding people to consider all player levels when considering your suggestions for buffs and nerfs, rather than only considering one portion. Eg. Just changing a mana cost might fix things at one level but break it completely at another.


I don’t think any of the troops you want to get nerfed should get nerfed, except from, I hate to say it because it is my currently favourite troop that I have been using too much, since the release - The Great Maw. My opinion is that he should not creating 8 yellow and brown gems when using his skill.

You are very direct in the way you talk, I would had understood it if all of them was troops that many have talked about before, but that is not the case. It wouldnt hurt to see you using words as “My opinion”, “I think” etc.


Sadly his bonus is the problem not his magic. he can do a total of 20 damage before the boost. This is about half of the damage a common goblin does for the same level. So for coronet’s rarity he is technically underpowered.

If I could like your post more than once, I would.


“Sadly his bonus is the problem not his magic. he can do a total of 20
damage before the boost. This is about half of the damage a common
goblin does for the same level. So for coronet’s rarity he is
technically underpowered.”

Damage is X2 since he does it to both and first and last troop.

So even doing 40 damage total is a quite a bit of damage plus the boost X2.

Actually his magic is magic plus 1 so he does 10 damage to the first and last enemy for a total of 20 damage. goblin does 14 damage and gets an extra turn.

Agree with @Eika. None of the troops mentioned are particularly concerning to me except the Maw.


The biggest problem i have with maw is that its spell is a one-shot move. The trait is good when combined with bone dragon but really matching skulls and hoping to get lucky is like 15% good idea and 85% bad idea.

That’s all without calculating purple gems removed. (Or Leader)

I’ve seen a Knight Coronet do over 25 damage with each shot before, so hardly “underpowered”.
The fact he’s got Stoneskin and can land an extra turn also doesn’t help his case, especially if in first position with Leader active.

I just remember the usage list that Sirrian posted, and Knight Coronet is quite popular.

Actually his magic is magic plus 1 so he does 10 damage to the first and last enemy for a total of 20 damage. goblin does 14 damage and gets an extra turn.

When you get higher level and max our some of your cities he will do a lot more damage.

On my account, I’m level 800 and something and he does 19X2 plus Boost X2.

Yes but coronet’s play was only high at low levels and then tapers off at mid and late game play.