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Manticore Troop

Nerf it. Needs to happen.


Been there, done that.


It is like goblins, you can nerf it to oblivion, but people are going to still play it.

Right, but you can make it less of an unbalanced irritation to deal with…


It is irritating running into it over and over, but it’s not overpowered. It hardly every wins matches on defense (at least in my experience). So no need to nerf again.


Fast versus empowered


All hail the return of Mab Mab

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If they’re going to nerf something, nerf Bone Dragon. Draining all enemy armor (and converting to skulls no less) is too powerful with the armor values creeping ever higher.


Nerf Mab Freezing every 4 gem match and making you lose immediately to OP AI Drops from Heaven. Bone Dragon is not even an issue… Manticore just needs to remove that Start with Mana and maybe increase the cost a lil… nothing serious.

I do think Bone Dragon needs an adjustment. Either a higher mana cost, or a higher armor/skulls ratio. There is nothing else out there that can kill a troop as efficiently. When its 14 mana spell hits, given armor levels now, it’s a guaranteed kill AND an extra turn. By comparison, The Great Maw has a one-shot kill spell that costs 24 and only occasionally gives an extra turn, and then can’t be used again for the match.


Yes you make some great points! I agree fully!

Bone Dragon is just nuts for only 14 mana, especially when his bugged skull spams can kill a troop outright, even one with Barrier.


Troops whose power scales off the opponent are strong only against enemies that are worth the threat. Bone dragon is not the only one, nims pridelands team is a nightmare when facing endgame troops. Thankfully she has not played it in a month or so i think. Then again that extra turn bone dragon can make is deadly.

Mab is super easy to counter. A 14-mana spell that fills the screen with skulls is just too powerful.

I rarely even see Mab anymore. Heck, I rarely see Maw or even Khorvash anymore. It’s all some variation of Manticore, Courage, and Bone Dragon.


I smash all Bone Dragon teams. EK Mab teams are flooding the game and are by far the worst.

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Bone dragon doesn’t bother me that much. He is an excellent troop and should stay where he is at…

I am more frustrated by the likes of Manticore/Mab/Khorvesh.

Though frankly I think Mab was weakened too much, Khorvesh is simply too good, and manticore is just annoying.


Base: Ultra-Rare
Skill Cost: 9

Traits: monster bond, IMPERVIOUS, and EMPOWERED

Spell: stun an enemy and drain 7 mana. Gain x (mine is 15, I think this scales off magic?? Can’t remember) attack.

Just look at how much he does! It’s insane.

He only costs 9.

On top of that he has empowered.

So right away he uses his skill. Now he has 40+ attack (depending on bonuses). You use two of them.

He has impervious.

You can’t entangle him. So really it’s as if you gave him base attack of 40 due to the combination of those traits and his skill.

Then you match him with the quick and deadly bone dragon…

you have to be able to bait the manticores and their mana drains, and get enough mana to do whatever it is you need to do, and then beat bone dragon into casting

It is way way too frustrating to go against multiple manticores. He can completely lock you down. Especially if the ai is lucky with mana and cascades and you are not.

He has no inherent counters. He is a low rarity and he has empowered and impervious and an amazing spell that rivals some legendaries. If he was a legendary or mythic troop I wouldn’t find him as brokenly OP as I do when he’s an ultra rare. At least then he’d be more in line with current legendaries.

Go ahead and compare him to any other blue troop in the game. Tell me more than one that beats him in the pure power and utility (all built in one) that he has. I can’t think of a single one, but I could be wrong.

He very clearly (to me) needs a nerf. He should not have so much utility and so much damage and no inherent counters! Especially not as a troop that common.

One good thing… At least the match will be over quickly one way or the other.


I agree with most of what you wrote, except this. At endgame, rarity means nothing. Troops must be balanced assuming every player has every troop at Mythic.


By that in particular I meant that typically rarer troops are stronger, base. Each rarity needs to be balanced but it’s perfectly acceptable (mandatory even, to justify the rarity of an item) for a legendary to be stronger than a blue or a mythic to be stronger than a legendary as long as there are still counters.

If Manticore was a higher rarity his power curve would be more balanced by comparison to other legendaries (except that he doesn’t have a special unique trait - but I’m talking just about his power and utility).

He honestly still beats out a lot of legendaries with those terms, so even if he were a legendary there would still be issues.

EK / Mab teams (especially Mab, she’s already been nerfed once) haven’t been the meta on PC/mobile for a while. The last 2 weeks have been nothing but Manticore/Bone Dragon spam.

And make not mistake about it. I beat Bone Dragon just as easily as anything else. The issue is that those teams are 1) annoying and 2) unavoidable because everybody is running them on defense.

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Legendaries tend to be more powerful than the lower-rarity cards, but this is offset by a high mana cost. Mythics are even moreso. Pound-for-pound, all cards fit into a power budget (which isn’t an exact science, and card synergy makes it an ever-evolving balancing act).

But like I said, I agree with your points about Manticore. He’s just slightly too strong in some form or another (cost, Empowered, Impervious, stun, etc.) The same can be said for Bone Dragon, who is a 14 mana guaranteed kill card at endgame which also strips a second troop of Armor and gives the owner an extra turn.