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Manticore Troop

I’ve been on this before and i was clearly ruining the game because of my pathetic notions of balance… Pffft…
Gonna just sit down to watch this one. @Fifthelement, would you mind to bring the popcorn?

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I agree with the nerf. Manti is too good as is. Take away impervious and give him immunity to poison. That fits in with the theme of the card. And though it may not fix everything it at least allows you to entangle him and web him.


It would allow for direct counters.

I completely agree that’s exactly what he needs.

Or get rid of empowered. One or the other. Should be a more specific playstyle.

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Yep, very much in agreement. Just needs mana cost up a bit too.


In the use of great maw. After that first use of magic against a troop your probably hitting for 40-50 damage plus other buffs.

I might come thru here later to past counters to manticore.

can we have mythic with low mana cost?

yes, also counters to manticore are giant toadstool, dark song, desdemona,visk, gob-chomper. By the way gob-chomper has empowered so you might be able to insta kill the manticore before it casts.

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Did you just write down a few random names or?

Desdemona - 13 mana, need to cast her twice PER manticore,
Gob-Chomper - 12 mana, I have to ask - in what world does he INSTA KILL a manticore? am I missing something, or are you playing against underleveled manticores without any bonuses? Because 23dmg from Gob-Chomper vs 80+hp manticore is a joke.
Dark Song - 13 mana, you need to cast at least twice to kill ONE manticore,
Visk - 13 mana, same story, need at least 2 casts.
and finally Giant Toadstool - 9 mana and a GRAND 20 % CHANCE TO TRANSFORM, are you even serious when you call it a counter?

I listed mana numbers because that’s how much mana you need to be able to use any of those “counters” at least once.

if your post was sarcastic, I guess I was too tired to notice, I really hope you weren’t serious, because if you were, look up a definition of a counter. Because going with your way of thinking, ANY OTHER CARD can be called a “counter” to manticore too.

tl:dr manticore has no counters, you can use ek/valk/mercy and pray to get a perfect round 1 (mercy->valk->EK to drain both manticores) and that’s the only existing “counter” to double manti, but good luck with the RNG. I can already tell you - don’t hold your breath.



Most manticore i have faced have almost 30 hp/armour. He can deal that much in one cast He also has empowered so he can hit manticore before it casts. [quote=“Fifthelement, post:29, topic:14911”]
and finally Giant Toadstool - 9 mana and a GRAND 20 % CHANCE TO TRANSFORM, are you even serious when you call it a counter?
Even though it is a chance, the best way to deal with a problem is to change it into something manageable.

They are responces you can choose, also gob-chomper deals double damage vs monsters, and i have yet to encounter an 80 health manticore. Manticore has 27 health/armour when i face it, including my kingdom bonuses, gob-chomper deals 15 damage normally, but 30 against monsters. That means on turn 1 i can kill 1 manticore, Then i need to gain x mana to cast the second gob-chomper.

actually i dont care about nerfing manticore and khorvash anymore

i just want 2 more traits to be added into game then those units will be balanced:

-mana drain immunity
-true damage reduction *(in whatever way made that would make sense - for example: nulligfy 35% of damage, deal 30% of damage as true damage to life and deal 35% of damage as normal damage?) or true damage received changed into normal damage for the trait owner

I’ll start at the end, and admit I had the anti-goblin double-dmg trait in mind when I was posting, forgot about the double dmg vs Monsters. But that changes my opinion by about … well it doesn’t change it at all. My gob chomper deals 23 dmg, means 46 dmg vs a Manticore. The manticores I have to fight look pretty much like this:

That’s 87 eHP right there, it means you need 2 casts, even if you get one off for free due to Empowered, you need to recharge for another one. And most of the time there’s two manticores. So back to square one.

yup, change it into a manticore WITHOUT THE IMPERVIOUS or WITHOUT THE EMPOWERED. That’s the solution right there. Else you’re better off using an actually USEFUL troop vs crappy Toadstool that will never proc when you need it anyway.

yeah, just like any other card in the game. However they are in no way “counters”.


I do not want to see another completely immune thing. Mana burn should never have been completely immune. Huge nerf that makes mana burn completely underwhelming when so many troops are immune. I don’t want to see the same thing happen to mana drain.

On the other hand I do suggest that there should be a reduction. Maybe it’s half as effective. But not completely immune.

I do agree that a true damage reduction trait would be nice !

i dont request it be integrated into impervious, just separated and just to give it to a few troops
mab is still useful the way she is
and mana drain immunity would not be the end of world, troop could still receive damage normally just not loose its mana.

Can I just say that the fact that I am not the only person in the world that uses the abbreviation “eHP” makes me incredibly happy?

Along with some of the other items in the post, this tells me you’re not to the endgame yet. There isn’t time to risk a 20% transform. Even then Manticore’s spell costs 9, and so does the Toadstool, one is empowered, one is not.

This game has at least 3 very different phases. Early and mid-game are nothing like the endgame. I’ve been pretty amazed that the developers keep the balance as well as they do.


This is true, i am still not at end-game, the meta is very different between what phase of the game you are in. This is why my gob-chomper can easily kill a manticore, and why bunning can easily kill a khorvash.

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i stop fighting hard enemy since manticore team is popular. even with that, if i try to to reach tier 1 on monday, i will still had to face manticore on easy and medium difficulty. so i just stop and wait until Thursday or Friday before actually making effort in pvp.

not that it is impossible to beat, it just that it is so annoying to the point i am not enjoying the game. its ability, mana cost and traits combined is overpowered in my opinion.

on plus side, i finally finished all quests and get to farm traitstones while avoiding pvp manticore.


Agreed, Manti traits are very powerful when combined. We should change at least one of them.

Maybe remove Monster Bond and include Stoneskin?


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I completely agree with that quote. Might as well make immunity to direct damage, aoe damage, etc… This is by far too specific and either a crappy trait by itself or another bonus to impervious.

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