Bone Dragon Mana Cost


This is a request to increase Bone Dragon Mana Cost.
Now that with traits (put in something that boosts purple mana such as a spider) Bone Dragon will latest on turn 2 be full mana, and will kill your first and quite possibly second troop by turn 3, maybe that mana cost of 14 is a bit low?

Basically since traits a LOT of abilities and mana costs should be looked at again.


I was thinking more along the lines of nerfing its ratio. Since it fills the entire board with skulls if it hits a troop that’s lvl20 etc. And because of how boring ascension/lvl20 stats are, now everything has armor…


I’m just wondering how long it will be for the first pass of re-balancing. I know its a ton of work, but I’m sick of Goblins/Trueshot teams.

Of course I finally caved and started using a trueshot team, since they just kill so quickly.


The staff are looking into stat adjustment atm. I say give it another month before hearing back on any particular conclusion for that.

Once armor isn’t 30+ per troop, we might see some balance shifts teamwise. Then we can start worrying about any nerfing concerns.


Agree that this needs looking at… Maybe both the boost ratio and mana cost… But first a realignment of stats so that not everything has 25 armour…


Literally 75% of the forum…ermahgerd nerf plox