Please devs....promise us

That you will not wait this long again to solve a problem that can only be seen as cancerous. I am of course talking about Bone Dragon. I get that you are going to balance it, and I know there are a few teams that can beat it anyway…but I have been playing the same 3 or 4 teams for months ONLY because of Bone Dragon. Months and months of the same stale format…it starts to kill my joy of this great game you have created.

Please, when a single troop makes over half the troops in the game unplayable in pvp don’t wait, balance it.

I am looking forward to 3.0 and guild wars, and especially having some real variance both the teams I play AND the teams I play against.



you know that you won’t achieve anything when you create 675 topic about bone dragon?


But players do achieve stuff in this game by complaining or suggesting.
The bad part is continuing to complain after they already announced that he will be nerfed.



look closely


I would agree with you in general, though in this particular case an aweful long time has passed since the announcement without anything happening.
That and the overall reluctance of the Devs to fix BD in the past, a troop that has been problematic virtually forever(literally every time when skull damage has been a viable part of the meta) definitely allows for continued complaints until it is finally fixed.^^

Dont know did you miss that part, but BD change requires client update.

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Yeah i got that part, still a troop that is problematic for months (and months before that being part of the whole true shot ridiculousness) and is arguably the most absurdly powerfull troop over the whole runtime of the game, could use some bandaid nerfs that do not require a client update to bridge the time until the real nerf imho.

I wont aruge his strength and that he should be toned down a bit :slight_smile:

I was only asking if they could just…not let us suffer for so long next time.

<3 you guys though, love your game.

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So far, This thread is still missing a Level 164 player detailing exactly how to beat Bone Dragon the proper way, and that you need to “Gût Goud”…