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2.0.1 Strongest builds

Mostely universal builds who can take down any team is welcomed, as well as cool new spider WEB teams + STUN teams etc…



What? No cool new STUN teams allowed?! D:

Now it is allowed. :smiley:

Which current troop has stun?

Nothing in game yet I don’t think, but it is in 2.0.1, so it should be allowed in a “2.0.1 Strongest Builds thread” is all :stuck_out_tongue:

ok then :stuck_out_tongue:

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Full apocalypse team go, they added troop based synergy.

(double yellow banner)

It still works great. Fantastic synergy between the troops, and in my limited number of battles this morning I encountered no impervious opponent troops, so I didn’t even notice the 2.0.1 nerf to Maw.

That might change if people start including more impervious troops on their defend teams, but unless they start playing 4 impervious troops in a defend team I’ll just keep on devouring…


I use the same troops, but in different order.

Right. And the thing is, since the traits reworks, there is only eight troops currently in the game with Impervious. That’s not to say that you won’t see 4 on a team, but there’s very little synergy if you do, considering the available options.

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Yeah – I was expecting to see Golem leading the charge. I did not expect that he’d lose his trait.


Carnex… He come your traits! :smile:

I think Gorgotha/Mab/Valk/Mab will still be powerful, once Mab’s 3rd trait is fixed.

Tried Bat/Valk/Bat/Sooth, but not happy with first Bat blocking Valk’s red.

Still missing Plague, sigh…

Maw/IK/Mercy/Alch still wins about 33% on defense, but I’d rather have a Valk team for invades.

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Put Soothsayer first.

I have sooth***/bat*/valk***/bat*

I win all but the hardest fights.


Do you just let Sooth absorb skulls and die (except vs Maw obv)?

Argh, really? Now I’ve got nothing tanky with Impervious, and nothing appears to have Indigestible yet. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for me…

Stone Link is nice, but I still think I’d rather have Impervious on Golem.

Now we can replace Valk with Hellcat on this team.

… I also am using Maw/Mercy/IK/Sheggra still. Although I’ve branched out … the former is still undoubtedly far faster.

Why they buffed Impervious,if they removed it from almost all of the troops,that had it? :smiley:

But… Muh souls!

During my stream last night I have come to the conclusion that full AoE deathmark is the solution to 2.0.1:

Creeping Death (Sorcerer, +2 magic)

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