The 'i have never gotten a event card' chat

Hello mighty legit non meta fotm players (save for counter meta fotm bd players, im one now using rocktroll,slime,bd,stargazer soon to be reformed to rocktroll,gspider,bd,innkeeper so i dont have to re stargazer later into the match if rockgolem dies) that are way behind all metas because they never get anything good out of chests. Im not talking about new players who dont have anything good cause they are new but players that literally never get anything good out of chests regardless of playing since the start of the game.

Not counting draakulis btw, hes not good.

So have you never gotten any of those promoted in your face in welcome screen event troops like the mythics? Op bullshit cards that continually rape your team and you see everyone and their grandmother get in chat but you never get despite throwing mountains of gemkeys into the air?

Then this thread is for you, post your lamentations. Post your pain.

The more pain is accumlated in this thread the more likely it will be that the unholy mythic painotron is revived… the card that has a onetime 100% dropchance, its machinery hurling any foolish magic back at the enemy caster in full strenght as its 3rd trait. Especially aoe damage collectively and as its revengeoblast taking 10 life off all your own troops painotron included then laying that on its target in damage while also inflicting a random status effect and lowering all enemy troops magic by half.

Sounds OP?


We need cards that inflict more pain so that people will come back to this thread later so that the unholier mythic painotron ultra X omega crescent can be summoned aswell.
This mythic deals true damage to all enemies based on their own magic+the painotron ultra X omega crescent’s magic, its like Mab so op as fuck and will never get nerfed, only stronger cards than the painotron ultra X omega crescent will be made to counter the painotron ultra X omega crescent.
Its 3rd trait will web or silence a random enemy every 4link.

I sure hope that wont make people mad when playing this game…

Worry not.

If enough people become mad the painotron ultra X omega crescent will be hardcountered by a brand new mythic!!

The madotron septim armageddonotron Z steelfist steelfoot steelpelvis steelmadotron EX deus!
This beautifully drawn mythic will have the traits Impervious, Stoneskin and a brand new trait that makes the madotron septim armageddonotron Z steelfist steelfoot steelpelvis steelmadotron EX deus gain 10 life and attack every 4link!!
His attack will turn all active status effects on the opponent into deathmark and devours the last 3 troops!

ill look forward to loot madotron septim armageddonotron Z steelfist steelfoot steelpelvis steelmadotron EX deus and all his predecessors :smile:

also you look like you need some rest and fun!
so here, random memes




My face when i play gems. always.

Im actually legit confident gems of war devs will make these troops, i guarantee it considering they made mab, korvash, dragon soul and kraken… and god knows what abominations pc has after that.

perhaps, im still fine with them as long as they are overpowered offensively not defensively.
the only thing that bothers me too much is prolonging fight time while giving no more rewards then the quick one. it wouldnt bother me at all to have a long hard fight it it paid out appropriately to the additional efforts taken but so far the game design doesnt reward long fights in the slightest.

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Spell reflect is a cool idea.

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Is that the new one Eika? :joy:

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Good guess, yes my son! :sweat_smile:

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@Sirrian you must create these troops the people have spoken.

Oh and in case anyone forgot

though i appreciate every little bit of maga, despite being a dutchman… i mean technically that means im a usa citizen aswell i guess… … …this isnt the random picture thread.

Didnt you also start a “nerf korvash” thread too? Dont you want a challenge? Yeah some troops are badasses but the challenge is what makes it fun… If you want easy, might i suggest pokemon go?


oh boy another one of those that doesnt understand what balance means.

Because those kind of comments are so damn constructive right?


haha, that meme always makes me laugh! 10 points! :smiley: