The 'i have never gotten a event card' chat

Good to see that @Sirrian and @Nimhain are cultivating such a great community

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Its what you get when you make your game about fotm instead of strategy, you get a demographic of infantiles rather than intelligent adults.

Yeah… So are you claiming to be one of the intelligent adults because you come on the forums and complain about your luck and the strength of a few cards? Then proceed to offer up ridiculous new options and bash the devs instead of offering constructive criticism?


Useless acrimonious whinge thread.

Yes there are some troops that need nerfing. Yeah gacha RNG is a pain sometimes. Yes we do have powercreep that is at times laughable.

But there are many more constructive threads around debating these points. Sarcasm and spleen like this alienates those who actually agree with you and is easy trollbait to those who don’t.


Another person who doesnt understand what balance means… keep em coming.

Ive made enough constructive threads and posts that are wholly ignored so i rather laugh about it now than still tryhard. bre.

Even if you had no hands, you could still count up all the ‘likes’ you’ve collected in this thread on your fingers. Does that tell you something?

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There is no point in trying. Some people just aren’t happy unless they are complaining about something. Leave the troll alone.

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“Someone posted something that makes me anxious and upset over a video game” is not “trolling”.

All im sayin is if i dont win im gonna cry and throw a fit and comlain on forums that the devs are terrible for creating a game where i dont automatically win…

Jus’ sayin’

Not really, i already know these forums are filled to the brim with infantile sjws. Are you also the type of person who feels better the more people like his post on fb? lol. Look at all you bunch coming into this jokethread just to attack me baselessly, i dont even have to guess the average age. By the type of comments i just know its school-range. “troll this” “complaints that” “dont u want likes”

Just… turn around 360 degrees and walk away guys…

That…doesn’t mean what you think it means.


It does.
It really does.

Forgive us my Liege for acting out of order, it shall never happen again.


I forgive you. Brave subject.

My cat turns around 720 degrees before it goes to sleep. I’m gonna do that instead.

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