My luck is just unluck in disguise

So lately, even though im mostly playing nioh or being fugin awesome irl (not videogaming) when i do start up gems of fotm i tend to not get shid for my keys but last week was different.

I got 2 sheggras (didnt own sheggra prior) and a psion (didnt own yet)

Now youd say "oh lewdy wskillz yee soo luggy!! e e e " and id have to stop you right there.
You see… these cards are simply obsolete. No deck i could make with it can compete with anything fotm anyway.

So someone tell me what is the point of me finding legendary cards when this game has turned into fotm? You all know the only way i can pvp (especially when cheesedragon is nerfed, which ATM is the ONLY manner i can beat all these mythic teams with) is by either cheesing or by having equal fotm cards.

Well i did get SOMEWHAT lucky because i also got a "the dragon soul’ card from an event key start of last week… But nothing to make a proper deck with… I did get SOMEWHAT lucky because i also got TWO kraken cards (in a 4 event key use, no joke) but have no clue what to do with it.

I never played this game before in a manner of using meta decks, i always liked playing this game the way it was meant to be; by being assertive and intelligent creating your own decks. But the powercreep has been so steep… practically vertical into space now… that unless you use fotm meta you simply cant win /thread.

So let this thread be a reminder than no matter how lucky you are… even pulling one or two fotm cards still wont cut it.

You will only win if you have all fotm cards.

Come on man.


Yes. It has to be said atleast once a month.

Fixed that for you.


what part of a figurative sentance do you not understand? And just incase… THATS RETHORICAL.

Well, personally I’d go for “gotta catch them all”. Other then that, the event system eventually allows less useful cards to shine for a week. And you’ll want all of them at Mythic anyway once you’ve progressed a bit, to raise your kingdom power level.


Really silly question from me; but what is ‘fotm’?

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Flavor of the month.


I have also strange ‘luck’. I have pulled from glory chests 4 mythics (well one was from gem chest), but three of them was Abynissia. Is this lucky or unlucky? I can’t decide :wink:


M a n y t h a n k s.

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To be honest, this game has always been about “Flavor of the Month.” Sheggra, Venoxia, Goblins, True Shot, Great Maw, Dust Devil, Manticore… From the start, essentially, there has always been that one cheese team that was “required in order to win.” Sometimes there has been a small handful rather than one overwhelming choice, but the point stands. How is it different now?


No, there were just imbalances… Fotm was the choice of response where nerfs had fixed it permanently.

Not sure if my team qualifies as “fotm”…

Pharos ra***
Dragon banner

I dont seem to have any problems winning even against bd and valk mab justice teams

EK was flavor of the month, i have no clue about what Pharos ra is as thats a pc troop right now (was a bit confused which card this was, nvm.) I suppose pharos ra is simply… one of those cards that is obsolete… even though new.

You’d be wrong there.

Maybe only Fotm because it’s something new, but not Fotm for power.

Fun troop though. (Pharos Ra)


Yeah i looked it up, i mistook it for the troop that does deathmark.

Sigh. Cant make a team? Give me nothing but commons to choose from, and ill still find a way to win. Stop watching streams and team building vids and use your head. You have great cards, this should be easy

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Friend, i am probably the most vocal on this forum about deckbuilding so i cannot see how you could think im someone that watches streams and team building vids.

But good luck fighting a valkyrie, mercy, kraken kraken team with 4 commons.

Or a justice mab team for that matter.

I’m not sure what you mean here. You’re saying the previous “meta” teams were just imbalances in the game, which were fixed by nerfs?

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Fight valk mercy kraken kraken with 4 commons?

Challenge accepted😎

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