My luck is just unluck in disguise

I’ve heard you talk about how great you are at deckbuilding, and then make 10 times as many posts complaining that you can’t win. I’ve seen others demonstrate their abilities in this area and back it up with video.

Double Kraken teams can be a bitch, but if Valk/Justice/mab/EK (any combination) teams are giving you a problem, you should use Amira. She’s a questline Epic, so anyone can get her, regardless of “luck”. Her traits are helpful but not really required. Mana shield is only 16 minors and 16 runics and makes Mab useless against her. If you use your amazing deckbuilding skills around Amira, you should have no trouble against any team that uses two or more blue mana troops.


Here ya go😎


Wraith and humility are so fotm. :neutral_face:


Lol i know but the challenge was 4 commons… Nothing else was specified :grinning:

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Beating something once proves nothing, this is about balance which has more consistency. p.s guardians are considered mythic and op.

Ok how bout this?


Btw ive already won this fight 3 times in a row…


Thats not a random selection of commons either… I used my deck building skkillz

Golem reduces enemy armor wolf doesdouble damage for entangled plus hunters mark frostling slows enemy team down (and does double skull damage to frozen AND webbed in case wolf gets wacked) and skeleton creates skulls fpr massive damage

Thats a wrap

Point proven


Change the Blue-Bug for another Skeleton for max profit. I created a team a little similar, prior to Dire Wolf’s buff:


Definitely a good suggestion but i was going for 4 unique common troops

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Then Dark Maiden instead of the Frostling will provide some board manipulation, the fact that the Dire Wolf is blocking Green for her can be circunvented if you just assume that she is Red only.

Anyway, discovering those neat all commons teams always reminds me of the joy of deckbuild MTG Pauper decks, where you can only use commons. :slight_smile:


Hells yeah i useta love mtg altho i never played all common decks… Now ima hafta dig up my cards n build some☺


If you dont even understand why i made that suggestion then dont start. Your krakens are completely untraited.

Ok so no matter what there is still gonna be something wrong… If i trait the krakens itll be “youre using the wrong banner” or “difficulty is different on pvp” so ya know what i suggest? Either:

  1. suck it up, quit crying, and build a bridge to get over it!


  1. play something else. Something that lets you always win. Might i suggest candy crush…

As for now i am done with this thread and with you in general…

Have a happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern:


Here’s my first attempt, against traited krakens.

3 casts of scale guard to take out Valkyrie (I had to wait to let mercy cast so she didn’t heal the poison)

Reload the scales via serpent and take mercy out

Krakens trait killed my first scale guard and after a bit of grinding I got serpent charged again to finish it off


Im just going to ignore this from now on.