Ok i caved, suggest me a cheese BD team (but theres limitations)

Since not a single self made team i own can still win against all the fotm op bullshit cards that have made this game into a 1 round losefest by default unless you cough “counter” them with fotm op bullshit cards of your own i have caved after a 25 loss streak with no matter which team i tried wether it was my main deck of sorc manacles, sooth, terrax, sylvani. Or my old pvp deck of coronet, templar, rowanne, alastair… not even my truedmg deck of lava ele, wight, stalker, marilith … nor my 4x guardian deck (with barely any traits obv) can make a dent in all the kerberos and maw teams, korvash mab teams and definately not apocalypse teams and definately not OP AS FUCK dragon soul teams.
Now with gards avatar release and the game continuing in a retarded path of ‘fotm’ with more op cards coming like Kraken in its presumably unnerfed state and whatever is after that (i dont even want to know)…

This means either i bend with this shit way of playing or break and just quit the game. Since i have so much time in this game ill bend… for now.

But since of all the bullshit op cards there are i only own 2 or so of them being BD and crimson bat, neither of them traited, only 1 of them each.

Currently using gloom leaf, giant spider, BD and green seer but gloom leaf still dies alot and i dont really have damage on any of those cards other than what BD creates which had me die against a remaining card a few times and even worse… in another battle the enemy black manacles devoured my fucking Gloom leaf… what the fuck…

Ok back to the point; Please suggest me the most disgustingly 100% win unfun 1 round bullshit deck i can make with BD, something that is 0% fun but 100% effective. Limitations being i dont own any other meta card… not even gorgotha… and no also not any mythic besides draakulis who i still need to trait -_- (which takes AGES) Thanks.

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Actually I just wanted to say I feel you man. I honestly do not have any suggestions but, BD is beatable even with my weak team that I enjoy using (I say weak because it is compared to most troops, excuse me I meant OP troops). I use Vampire Lord/Flesh Golem/Morthani’s Will/Lady Sapphira.

I can get a lot of wins with this crew, but for some reason they’re not a good defense team, or maybe I don’t know how to tweak the defense mana’s in my favor (whatever). My point is I find the AI dirty gem matching trick more annoying than anything. With me, it’s all about strategy. Since I still consider myself new to this game, even though I have been playing over a year or so, I can’t offer any good tips compared to the vets.

I will say this though, I hate Dragon Soul and Kerberos, those two right now are the worse for me, those two only. Then again my troops are not even on a higher level (all below 19). And their traits are not all unlocked either and the kingdoms are not even maxed out yet.

Hey, I’ve been reading about these OP troops and this BD issue, just wanted to share my two cents.

Deep Borer
Bone Dragon

Hmmmm with what you listed, you wanting loops, and your lack of other meta cards, this might be good? There are several board layouts where this can just keep looping.

terraxis is way too situational imho, ive used that card alot and most of the time i cant use his skill cause it will give the other team x4 or 5, right now trying draakulis, slime, Bd, valk… but its worse than my previous gloom leaf deck… ive only lost so far… against literally everything i played against… so this isnt just bad luck even though the AI gets 90% more free extra turns than me … nothing i can do whatsoever. i have about 20 wins and 50 losses right now on my profile,

Lion Prince
Green Slime
Bone Dragon

Here’s a start, you probably want the traits on Lion Prince, though.

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@wskill give the team a try. You don’t have much to lose anyway. Sure Ter is situational, but with the top 3 troops in that build, you’re hoping to encompass a large swath of opening situations / board layouts.

I have him fully traited coincedentially

Give that team a shot. I recommend an empowered troop in the last slot. Maybe Star Gazer would be good. Not Mercy.

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im not sure… i still have lionguy lvl4 or something… my draakulis is lvl 20 and hits harder… thing is i only have one trait on him so hes still very squishie but i think draakulis would be better than lionguy still… i know he has stun and all… just cant use him yet right away… ill lvl him next and try again then.

I beat these things with my level 121 hero and our fledgling troop collection… (or rather my kids’ account on our PS4, and am teaching my kids to beat them)

At our level we have no chance against mid-tier and above players… and certainly not the high end meta defences… unless: use a loop team. You can beat anyone if they don’t get a turn.

Conventional teams, whether you skull-spawn or use spell damage, will lose against BD or EK or Famine sometimes, especially with the long chains and ‘random’ drops that the janky console version often gifts to the AI.

Loop teams are slow, yeah, but can be a dead-sure win. Might be a bit slow for you though. We have very few stat boosts, and certainly no five star kingdoms, so with spells dealing 10 damage a shot it takes a while to grind down the 80 HP plus high end matches.


Goblin Rocket
Goblin Rocket

Make sure you have all the Fire Link traits. Red/Yellow banner.

One red mana surge fills the Alchemist. Use Rocket explosions to sculpt the board so you can loop alternating Hellcat and Alchemist. Always cast Rockets first if ready. If both converters are ready, cast the Alchemist as it’s way easier to refill than the Hellcat is. Don’t take 4 and 5 matches if your spells are ready - leave them to make more red/yellow matches with your spells. Work out what your next conversion will be before casting Rockets, and cast the Rockets high on the board to avoid disturbing good gem clumps.

With practice you can beat almost anyone, unless you get frozen. Be careful around Mab teams, or a Wraith in position one, or making a stray skull attack if BD is high in the enemy formation (use Rockets to blow up the skulls so they don’t match in cascades).

Slow work, but works for anyone - unless an unlucky start means my <30HP Hellcat gets KO’d by 20+ Attack enemies on the first few turns. Might not be to your taste - no idea if you’re used to loop teams or already bored of them. Cheers…

Update : Fully lvled lionguyprince and it works decent now in lionguyprince, slime, BD, stargazer. I stil lose 1 out of 4 matches but atleast i CAN win now needing only a single BD fill to decide most times, thanks loads. Also thank everyone else for the effort, im sure this thread also helps others that have kingdoms high but lack most meta cards to beat endgame opponents.