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Which card is elusive?

I bet everyone of you has a certain card you really want to have but just refuses to drop from chests (now im not counting the people who get 200 keys a day from their freebieguild but all of us legit self-sufficient players that have to work for their cards :wink: (no attack, just so were clear whos this about, since im sure theres plenty of people who are in a freebieguild going “oh i have all cards lets post that i have all cards in this topic about people missing a card and be totally rad and dominant like” and i want to prevent that.)

For me the card i cant wait to get is garnok to compliment my atk team being lucian, cyclops, notsureyet(was thinking starcaller but meh , she removes my blues… need a gem or troop summoner to stall or control), garnok (when i have him.)

“gibe moni plez” -garnok.

Also want dark master since hes the only card that fits in there and dont have him yet either ;l

"ayyy" -dark master.

Oh thoughts are welcome to the above but prefer to just keep it about the troop you need building your dreamdeck and still havent got yet. :slight_smile: All to promote smart thinking/creativity thrown into the community.

-wskill ~gems of waraholic anonomouse.

Sorry but I have to take contention with this. Being in a guild that you donate lots of gold to does not mean “not working for your cards”, it means “using the system the way it was intended to be used to allow for advancement”.

That being said I REALLY want another crimson bat so I can ascend it.


Shame we cant trade cards, that would be a real nice feature.

I actually have a crimson bat im not using, would np trade that thing in for a carnex or a garnok (garnok most likely)

hmm, I would do that trade carnex for bat = I choose bat :slight_smile:

It would be HEAVILY exploited.

Now to answer your thread, I am one of those “freebieguild” members and have all the Troops, however I only have a single The Silent One.

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how would it be exploited, i really dont see how.

I’d give my right arm for Crimson Bat or any of the dragons that I’m missing since I well… just love dragons. :stuck_out_tongue:

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im sure you love darkstone then :stuck_out_tongue:

Fingers are crossed for ya! Hopefully you will get one soon. :slight_smile:

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I do! I also love Pridelands because I’m a cat girl. :smile_cat:

Thank you :smile_cat: I’m sure I’ll make that dream vampire-ish team someday even if its when I’m level gazillion.

Level 519 and no KoS. Need emotional support!

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I’m missing like 15 legendaries on console so take your pick. lol On pc it’s even worse.

Finally got my gloomleaf this week at lvl ~430. Now i’m only missing garnok and psion…

KOS would be on my “love to have” list too.


Hello guildmate :slight_smile: I got so lucky Ibohr and got a psion out of a vip chest first key I used. Which was very helpful because I didn’t have any more gems lol.


Make alternate accounts, draw a Legendary and trade it to your main account for a common.

Rinse and repeat 1000x

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I also wondered why they didn’t have trading. But, I didn’t even think of that.

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high lvl person with all mythics could give there buddy all extra copies etc. to so you would start seeing lvl 25’s etc. with full on mythics.
would be a major unbalance happen I think