The Bogstein Strangler

Now is your tongue numb?

Good job on the Seussian announcement!

I believe Bog Strider will be a perfect tank for my Justice and Queen Mab team !!! :slight_smile:

Bog Strider looks fun! Hope he blasts a ton of gems when Mythic. Glad to see the Purple/Green traitstones as well.


edit: oh, I looked at them beyond the word “entangle”… hmmm. Bogstrider seems to be kind of a swampy Behemoth with some potential, no?

Harold will heal you! :slight_smile:

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New events will be at when this post is 5 hours old.


Love that introduction for the Marsh Strangler!
Fox in Socks was one of my favourite books (nah let’s face it- it still is)
A bit shocked the Bog Strider is only a common… when I saw the awesome artwork in the game files I was sure it was going to be a Mythic or Legendary. Oh well, at least this way everyone gets to enjoy it’s awesomeness.


That was…something.

Cool new stuff. Cool poetry. What’s not to like?


Also, finally some plant like creatures, we does not have many of them. :slight_smile:

22 Giants, Event = kill 250 Giants.
6 Naga, Event = kill 300 Naga.

Seems legit.

And the only things with 50% buffs are the two new troops.


We’re still trying different numbers out to see how it affects things…


Not to mention there’s only like 5 naga troops so if you want to help players (with a full naga team) in PvP you have almost nothing to work with.

I feel like naga was a bad choice. Especially when the requirement is so high. I believe this should be reconsidered.


And they took out the ability to use Challenges - which a lot of Giants were in challenges.

However, on the positive side, I am seeing alot of defense teams with Nagas… Some a little more powerful than I can take on…but still

At least put challenges back into the mix - so we can get nagas through challenges.


+1 to this.


If your main goal is to just help other players then you don’t need unique naga, and can just put 4 Scale Guards. If you want to put a semi decent team up (made from Naga) as well has helping people then yeah, I agree with what you said.

Four Scale Guards is evil, given their Empowered trait and their boosted magic this week.


True, I just picked the common rarity card that was a Naga without actually really looking at it.

And they only seem to cover four of the six colors. Once we get to Merfolk, any chance the other kingdom troops could be added to the target pool to make it a little more… diversified?