Noisy Neighbors

New Invasion Troop: Toadsqueezer

Toadsqueezer will be available in the Invasion Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

New Epic Troop: Stringfiddler


Stringfiddler will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

New Weapon: Norbert’s Turnip

This week it will be available in both the Invasion shop, and in the Soulforge.


That’s helpful. :crazy_face:

Ready Steady goooooooooooooo extra turn + neat a Goblin weapon :open_mouth:

Holy exploder powercreep, Batman!

Stringfiddler is going to be a troop that’s going to be used a lot, I believe. Adding the goblin extra turn to an explode is huge, and possibly OP.

The explode spell allows:

– The spell guarantees the player an action after a bad explode to do something about the result instead of simply handling the board over to the opponent.
Even if stopped by the goblins’ vulnerability, freeze, the turn remains with the side that casted him.

– If a loop happens, and the combo breaker kicks in… this would defeat it? Combo broken skyfalls tend to be a gift to the opponent, but now such a board is given to the side that casted Stringfiddler.

I’m sure it won’t take long for players to come up with new broken teams with him.


Freeze stops goblin’s extra turn as well…


It’s days like this when I wish @Sirrian was still writing Lore posts each week. What powers does Norbert’s Turnip provide?

Maybe another dev could convince Sirrian to let them start writing lore posts for us?

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Just waiting for some random animals right champ to get triggered over the toadsqueezer :rofl::rofl:

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Good luck with it being impervious to freeze.

Nothing will make folks hate Cedric Medals more than the return of the OP goblin defense teams.


Add in the new “no retreat while in opponent turn” and you have a bunch of app forced close


Oh, I thougt Lyra was meaning Stringfinder, and he’s not immune to freeze (or she or whatever it may be…).

The siegebreaker is meh. Immune to freeze, but has just a 50% chance to explode 4 gems (or enchant an ally). That’s a fart in Katrina…
And absolutely less op than the stealthy Fizzbang that tends to explode a lot more, and can be frozen just by a lucky rng roll.

I’m just quoting this to check a month from now your thoughts.

If people start pulling goblin defenses, ol’ fart Grapplepot will finally see some action again🤷

Forest troll, grapplepot, stringfiddler/goblin, maraji queen = dead defense goblins🤷🤷

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I was curious about what would replace Invasions when all troop types would have 1 siegebreaker. But devs didn’t answer. What an intrigue.

I suspect we’ll just see reruns. In that case we’llhave multiple choices like with Knight week.

As for the troops they’re all excellent. The Siegebreaker enchants ALL other allies, not just one; one of the few Guild Event troops that may get seen outside the event. Stringfiddler goes amazingly with the other goblins, especially Princess Fizzbang and Gobtruffle. The Leafstorm is just the icing on the cake. And for any not aware, Norbert’s Turnip DOES have Quick affix (extra turn on cast).


The 13 mana starting cost (11 with medal) will hopefully keep Stringfillder from being completely overpowered, hopefully. Extra turn exploders have, historically, been labeled as such, but this was pre-exploder mana nerf and pre… intentionally having a ton of awareness-free easy infinites in the game. The main problem, as people pointed out, is pairing with all extra turn stuff on defense, like goblins dealing chip damage for two full minutes. Especially when there is no way to retreat during enemy turn currently.

Silence is a bit concerning regardless, since there are still very few good counterplay options. This troop itself is slience immune, but “use the troop to counterplay itself” would predictably end in a 5 minute long stringfillder spam war if you didn’t bring a cleanser (again, none are silence immune except the bad mythic, and a few subpar hero weapons) or other silence immunes. Full cedrics medals aren’t enough to reliably get the silence off anymore. If this monstrosity does drop the turn, you probably still won’t have a good way to fight back, even if you use counterplay.

So pretty much treat it like Essence of Evil, and don’t let it ever cast. Don’t try to freeze it or counterplay the silence, just make sure it never casts.

I don’t like that it grants a green storm on start, either, because the enemy always gets priority on these effects, and the more of these are on troops, the more it erodes a powerful PvE tool for the player. I’m fine with player defense teams having this advantage that I need to play around for the most part, but not any given PvE battle. This is by far the best troop with this type of trait to date, too.

But as long as this troop doesn’t have that annoying power chord sound effect that Elwyn has, I think I’ll be able to deal. Probably.




And of course, the turnip gives an extra turn too :joy:


I imagine Stringfiddler/Leprechaun will lead to some fun times too.

Can also use some of the many purple options to get it going too, like Lamishitsu.

2019 Fizzbang

They never stopped being great. XD

It went from Goblin, to Boar Rider, to Goblin Shaman, to Hobgoblin, to Goblin Rocket, to Fizzbang, to Irongut, to Gobtruffle, to Stringfiddler. The last 3 of which are still among the top 1% of troops currently in the game.

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