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Swamp Things

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/swamp-things/

New Ultra-Rare Troop: Swamp Rat The Swamp Rat will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. New Legendary Troop: Basilisk The Basilisk will be available exclusively in Event Chests this week, and will…

Woohoo new legendary troop !

That second part of the spell wording could be improved IMO.

I think it should say: “Then deal another 18 True Damage to an Enemy, doubled if they are stunned.”

I think that’s clearer, otherwise it looks like it runs on from the first part and all the damage is doubled.

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“Basilisk: Stun a random Enemy when matching Brown Gem.”
“Vash’Dagon: Curse a random Enemy when matching Brown.”
“Yasmine’s Chosen: Entangle a random enemy when matching Green.”
“Alderfather: Entangle a random enemy when matching Purple.”
“Suna: Faerie Fire a random enemy when matching Red Gems.”
“Tinseltail: Faerie Fire a random enemy when matching Green Gems.”
“The Wendigo: Hunter’s Mark a random Enemy when matching Red Gems.”
“Chief Dargon: Inflict Bleed on a random enemy on Red Gem matches.”
“Plaguelord hero: Inflict Disease on a random Enemy on Green Gem matches.”

Why is there not a stencil for these type of 3rd traits? The game can’t make up its mind if it wants “enemy” or “Enemy” and somehow matching X Gems is a struggle.


I’m (somewhat) expecting the same stock answer as usual:

“There’s more words in GoW than War and Peace” :laughing:

In another thread, someone volunteered to fix all the issues … lol

Shimrra has been offering for a very long time. I imagine there are liability issues preventing the devs from outsourcing the text revision. Not sure why they would not take the offer otherwise.

Basilisk confuses the heck out of me.

How do the multipliers work, they’re all run up against each other. Is it like…

  • +18 (+36 if poisoned)
  • +18
  • x2 if Stunned

So there are 4 total amounts of damage it might do?

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Basilisk’s spell clarity maximises the chances that whatever comes out of this company’s well-documented QA will be ‘working as intended’. :relaxed:

Also: my 11y/o took 2 minutes to come up with:
‘Deal 18 true damage (x2 if the Enemy is Poisoned). Then deal 18 true damage again (x2 if the Enemy is Stunned).’

This was once I decrypted the apparent intended meaning for her, using the linguistic knowledge gathered over the years ref. the ever-evolving GoW dialect.
:sweat_smile: :man_facepalming: :vulcan_salute:


Basically… different designers. Differing levels of competence. Absolutely zero editorial over sight.
I mean a fan, @EliteMasterEric I think.
Made a troop designer software. You have to assume that the actual company has better versions of it to utilize.
And yes, this week we are getting like 10 new troops. But most weeks its only 1 or 2. So proofreading and checking to make sure a troop once a day is canon with other troops shouldn’t be that difficult.

They simply just don’t care if they look sloppy.
Just as loveable and every right as appealing, Gems of War is the Al Bundy of match 3 games.


Huh? Exaggeration or news I simply haven’t heard?

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I don’t think he did an exact count, unless I’m mistaken:

1 new mythic
1 new legendary
1 new faction (4 troops)
1 glory shop troop

EDIT: and to be fair, he did say “like,” and also 7 troops is still one a day :laughing:


Thanks for the clarifier. Unlike Gems of War, if I round off a number, it is always up. :slight_smile:

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Deal [Magic + 1] true damage to an Enemy. If the Enemy is Poisoned, deal double damage. Then deal [Magic + 1] true damage again. If they are Stunned, deal double damage.

My 7th grade grammar teacher would have another heart attack if he read this. Capitalization of random words aside. Does it always deal damage twice, or only if it is poisoned? If it deals damage, then double damage if it’s poisoned, does that mean it is triple damage if poisoned? Is all the damage dealt so far doubled if they are stunned, or just the extra attack from being poisoned?


at least they fixed Gem / Gems.

This troop is good, it can be worked into a few teams. However, why is it a Monster/Beast and not a Naga/Beast or Naga/Monster…

None of the Naga’s in Mist of Scales are Beasts or Monsters

There are Monsters, but…no Naga Monsters or Naga Beasts

There is 1 Naga Beast from Fang Moor - Horned Asp

1 Naga Monster from Fang Moor - Chief Dargon

Bizarre when we get kingdom bonuses and troop type bonuses we struggle to make use of them properly.


My guess is a mix of:

  • They didn’t want the high true damage to be boosted by Treachery

  • Thematically, it might not make sense for a Basilisk to be Naga :man_shrugging:


Yes this mainly, yet we can use Qilin for that and Dervish I suppose. It’s got about 40-42 base true damage with 2 Nysha’s. Figuring out teams is a challenge though!

Because now it can’t be used with EoE during the Assassin Class event.
They don’t want the shittiest event ever created (class trials) to be an easy farm.
And they don’t play enough to know that it would be too slow even for class Trial farming.

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Yeah but your 11 year old is probably a native English speaker. The devs have to hire a translator to make the English version. I guess they hire local translators instead of getting an Aussie or other foreign English speaker. It shows through.

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