CONSOLE: The Bogstein Strangler

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Don’t go into the Marshes at Night…

New Troop: Marsh Strangler

When Marsh Stranglers fight,
it’s called an Angry Strangler Battle

And when they battle at an angle,
it’s an Angry Strangler Angled Battle.


When Marsh Stranglers battle and they mangle and entangle,
they call it an Angry Strangler mangle tangle battle.


When Stranglers battle Stranglers in a mangle tangle battle
while entangled at an angle in a tangle that’s new-fangled…
…they call this a new-fangled Angry Strangler mangle tangle angle battle.


When Stranglers fight these battles at an angle while entangled
and they’re tangled with a Mongo who’s been dangled like a drongo…
…they call this a drongo Mongo angry Strangler mangle tangle dangle battle.


(thank you for the inspiration, Dr. Seuss!)

New Troop: Bog Strider

Unlike the rather silly Marsh Strangler who enjoys children’s poetry, the Bogstrider prefers a nice simple stride through the marshes, where he can look large and menacing in a gentlemanly manner.

Please note this Event only applies to the PS4 and XBox One versions of the game.

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You took something before you writed the story? Look like good stuff lol

Good. Finally a green/purple traitstone.
Anyway, (maybe) stupid wondering but still no mythical unit for mist of scales and one mythological monster is still missing on this game : Medusa queen (yes maybe lami but she’s not the good old real Medusa who can change people as stone with this eye) . Could be possible to see one day this “lovely” monster as new mythical unit at this kingdom?

I still think this Sirrian’s backstory writing stuff should be put in game somehow for the vast majority of players to read.


We have a Mist of Scales mythic in the orks which you may get to see later this year.

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Pretty in Pink

I like the artwork on the Marsh Strangler with that dainty pink flower sitting pretty in the thorns.

Little Shop of Horrors and poetry appreciation. :poodle:
Mm-hmm what is it with swamp creatures (like the Vogons) and their incessant attempts at versification.

Finally what’s a drongo and is it wrongo that they get dangled when entangled? :slight_smile:

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Let me guess, Mist of Scales troops and Monsters gets 25% increase of skill right?

+25% Elemental
+25% Mist of Scales

Event: Hunt Naga


I’ve set defence too allowing nagas, I wish others would do similar


Ok thanks, it looks like one of the guild guardians will be quite annoying this week due to extra power.