Thank you, Krammaster!


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WOW!! How did you do that?

I ran into Krammaster, who is a level 1000 hero, that usually pumps up the rewards when invading. However this time it was unusually high, in the 2000s. Of course I am wearing my Dragon armor, et voilà.


My best fight was around 4900, also against Krammaster. :smiley:

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I have a question, starting from the battle against Krammaster: is it possibile to fight against your clan members?

Because I had a battle against Krammaster, but we are in the same clan.

Yes, you can. There is no filter for clan members when invading. (Mainly because it makes no difference, the gold lost is hardly anything, and you actually make far more back when defending.)

Yes, you can. There is no filter for clan members when invading.

Seriously? I don’t recall ever attacking/getting attacked by my guild.
After all this time, I just assumed there was some form of protection…

Hoi, @dhjl
what’s up with fighting you not giving that much cash?

You’ll have to catch me while I’m working/sleeping so it has a chance to accumulate. :wink:

:moneybag: :smile: :moneybag:


There is a partial filter against meeting same clan members - it’s very unlikely that you’ll meet them, compared to other players… it’s not impossible, though, but should only happen rarely…

what time zone are you in? so I can guess the best time to, er, hunt you down…


Mountain Time (US & Canada)

If it helps, I usually wake up around 6AM, so you should probably look for me before then.

I think I need to invade you just before you wake up (longest time since you collected your gold income)…

Not that the game has any reliable way of finding you in pvp short of endlessly re-rolling the match-up…

I got paired up against Mr. Sammy last nigth and twice again Krammaster.
Who kept hiding from me? dhjl of course.

just want to say thx @MrSammy, today i made my new record :wink:

without vip, in w3 mode


Damn! That beats my highest by 1k. Nice!

Holy crap! I wish I could attack myself!


I got this morning 7500 g from MrSammy. This Guy is definitely a Cash Cow :smile: Thx a lot :sunglasses: