Level 1000 Matches


I recorded two of my matches against Level 1000 DHJL and against Krammaster:


Vs Krammaster

It will be interesting to see some other matches against L1000 and up


Ouch, I didn’t stand a chance. :sweat_smile:
Not sure why Sun&Moon was used considering I have Bullroarer equipped…

Oh, and the obligatory revenge pic:


haha revenge is sweet :slight_smile:


The lvl 1000s are hiding from me. I only get below 300s showing up :frowning:


not hiding theres only like 5 of them lol


5 of them that are in hiding :stuck_out_tongue:


I encountered two of them within a couple of days… probably have to wait until 2017 for the next match :slight_smile:


Nice Dj_MAD, wish I had Webspinner, then I would try the same.


I suspect Mr Sammy has retired from the game - so he won’t appear as an opponent as he’s not active in PVP battles… I believe that’s how it works… @CrowdedWorlds?


I was lucky to fight two lvl1000 veterans today :smile:
Fight with dhjl was really tough and i ended with only rocket goblin with 4 lives. But the loot od 5272 gold was nice.

Second fight with Jhhyyg was easier and I survived with the whole squad. Loot - 5212 gold.



:cry: You broke my winning streak…


I am proud :smile:
You should be too. This fight was the hardest from my last 300 invasions. Really good defense.


Yeah I run into DHJL another two times this weekend for a big pay day but they were not as easy as the recorded fight. Would be nice to do some real live games vs another human player.


Thanks, but I actually stole the idea from @RiverSong:


Thanks for the credit, dhjl. Re: Mr. Sammy retiring - I had a PvP battle against him yesterday, so he may still be active.


Yep, actively invading others is what puts you in the rotation to be invaded.


Update: I fought Mr. Sammy again today, so he must still be active.


I don’t get attacked much. But probably because I have changed the name for my attacks on others from INvasion to OUTvasion. Outvading seems to only sporadically add you to the rotation.


I log in once in a while… But rarely.
Patch 1.07 might change that!


Often enough for me to get you in my list every other day :slight_smile: