Help, I'm a Level 1000 target!



Lol, you too eh? I draw honbag with his Hero’s crude club and Forest of Thorns troop, and dhjl’s unique line-up of: Knight Coronet/Archon Statue/Deep Borer and Archon Statue daily myself. But on the plus side; If we win we always get a lot of gold :wink:

You people are so lucky, I only get attacked by avarage players who yield half of that amount of gold. Q_Q

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I regularly see those three opponents in my rotation… invade and revenge 'em all several times a day… (just like the perpetual and frequent tiff with @esslee before we were guild-mates)…

Honbag’s team is sub-meta, easy win… Ania’s (from memory) is a nasty cheap one with TrueShot and BoneDragon… @dhjl’s team is hard work, a good counter to skull / undead users… but easy to grind down quickly with spell damage and board control… (and extra prize to @dhjl for having a different and interesting team put out… same reason I put my ‘spice girls’ team on defence)

is 1000 max Level?

Yes… also known as a Sammy… after @MrSammy

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@dhjl’s team is cool, but takes an enormous amount of time to beat, since they all have skull diminishing traits. And just now I was very unlucky for the AI got a lot of lucky gem drops. But I use a team with
Green Seer**
Pu/ye banner
(Courtesy of @Mitheithel if I’m not mistaken)
And it usually gets the job done.

Also against Ania this works ok most of the time.
Against Honbag I used
But he recently pumped up the last two troops (Dryad and Hippogryph) to mythic and I haven’t found a way to beat him yet.

Nope, not mine, though I think I remember @esslee talking about it? She was talking about the fully traited Treants anyway. I am trying to get the last arcanes I need for Treant so I can give this or a similar team a try.

Yep, before this week his Dryad and Hippogryph were level 1, now they are level 20 Mythical. I will pm ya the line-up that I use against him :wink:

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Yep, it was her, you’re right. Thnx. :slightly_smiling:

Against @dhjl’s team I’d suggest spell damage… Like using Sheggra’sHeart to power Hobgobs and Rockets… For great control try:
…can loop forever constantly dishing out damage…

Against @honbag a standard GreenSlime/Skelly/BoneDragon works fine…

Thnx, will give them a try!

@dhjl team is a breeze to beat using a true damage (if you are lucky enough to have the Bat)
Crimson Bat

alternatively he doesnt last long against trueshot/bone dragon since his first troop armour
is 26 and the others are quite high too

Against @honbag I bring out my fave knights team which has+6 armour, + 2 attack bonus
knight coronet
griffon knight
Brian the lucky
Scarlet - who does double damage to beasts = hippogryph 28 damage

I’ve tried quite a few different team configurations - pretty much all suggestions from the players in this forum - but find that I really enjoy the ability to create the skulls instead of waiting for them to fall. The team I’ve been running for invades for the last couple of days does the job for me against these teams that were mentioned above. And it is a variation of a suggestion from someone else. Sorry but can’t remember who.

Glade Warden ***
Keeper of Souls *
Valkyrie ***
Star Gazer ***
Old God’s Banner +2 purple

Within the first couple of turns, firing Star Gazer is priority to get GW attack above 30. Sometimes she needs to be fired again but rarely. The Treant builds I’ve tried definately work, I just don’t find them fast enough having to wait for the skulls to drop.

A defense team I’ve found tricky lately is Fortress Gate / War Hound / War Hound / Fortress Gate. Don’t remember who gets the credit for this one but wow. If War Hound fires enough with it’s low mana cost it can really mess up your attack strategies.

Glad I read this thread, didn’t realize I had some random troops as my defense team…


Knowledge is power. And this place is overflowing with it @honbag. Although I have to thank you for all the gold while we have been killing your defenders. :wink:

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There is better to get a lot of gold easily : techn9neee and his lonesome Crimson bat.

best is when someone only def with a Peasant

uh, and they stole all your 50 gold too :slight_smile:

Honbag…please please please… no…not the goblin team !
At least your other team was interesting and had to be thought about.
The endless Goblins and Skull defense teams are doing my head in.

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