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Mr Sammy - Home Invasion

So, it seems these days that everybody likes to show their invasion of -MrSammy- (aka. ME).
Well, this is what it looks like most of the time when I log in at lunch (after 2-3 hours of inactivity):


Or, like this Monday morning:

… So next time, before you invade, think of me! The succubus aren’t free you know!
… Please ignore the amount of gold in the left corner, the amount might have changed… Meaning I have more now… But, still, you should feel bad and stuff… :wink:

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I feel like level 1,000s will have such a large advantage in 2.0 if invades persist similarly. :stuck_out_tongue:

They will also have like 100 rivals.

I hope my revenge queue will hold more than 3 attacks… I probably do lose money.
I also hope you wont lose PVP point when defending.

You can hold multiple past 3.

You do gain/lose PvP points for AI defends.

From what you posted, your queue already holds more than 3. At least 6 from what I see.

Don’t pretend you are a Console player, where you get 3 Defends in both the queue AND in terms of credit. Apparently a player is still attacked after 3 losses, but you only get credit for wins and you can never hold more than 3 Defends.

Sorry, @MrSammy, but I just just kicked your new team. Guess I was too late to be on the revenge list.:wink:

It’s funny, I almost posted your invasion RiverSong.
BTW, love your defense! It even killed one of my troop!
Then got blown to smithereens…

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Nah, they were different snapshots. I took the first one last week (on Friday?), I was sure Chillybrew was going to post something… “Look I invaded MrSammy and got 10000 gold!”, I wanted to show that he really did, fraking thief!

The list from this morning is the second one.

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@RiverSong, how was this week defense team?
Did you prefer the Succubus from last week?

I think your new Malarith team is tougher than the succubus team. At least, it made me worry a bit more before it went down!

Ah, alrighty then. However, my point still kind of stands. On Consoles, you NEVER see the Defense Defeats higher than 3. There can be more (and most definitely IS) but you get absolutely no resources or any kind of credit until you clear a Defense out of the queue…

It really isn’t much of an issue except you have literally no idea how well your Defense Team does because, when your queue is full, you only see the wins.

On mobile/PC, you lose whatever was stolen from previous invasion… and get nagged about it.

Sounds like THESE issues are ones they should have factored into the PvP reboot instead of skewing the whole thing towards the high leveled, hardcore and P2W crowds.

EDIT: And if anyone thinks I’m complaining, I’m one of those, high level AND hardcore to be exact. Just seems the top 2-3% of players are going to benefit heavily, all at the expense of the others.

I look out for the small guy too…

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Well, based on @Tacet analysis of the PvP improvements, I think this issue is factored in… I also think it will help the serfs, peasants, miscreants and other “small guys”. :smirk:

I’m honestly scared though, I mean there will be a real ranking… I don’t play as much as I used to, and people will see that the real “hardcore” players are @dhjl and his Anonymous friends… I’ll be lucky to be in the top 50!

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Ah, admittedly I haven’t seen the preview video yet as the Consoles are 3-4 months away from that.

Actually you can (and I have) had more than 3 defeats on console show up in the message window.

You had to be in PvP already, clearing out revenges. Then if you get more defeats, they will show as new revenges for you to clear. The counter will still keep track of this so when you leave and go back into PvP it will say the number of defeats you had, even if it’s more than 3. (Mine had shown 6 by the time I was done.) But since they had already been cleared, their weren’t any actual revenges left.


That makes no sense @Shiratori.

You get booted back into the map after a match, so you need to re-enter PvP just to do another Defend. The closest thing to what you describe that I have seen is, while doing a Defend, you clear up one spot in the queue and it fills during your fight.

I can, and WILL, go days without doing a Defend and when I start clearing the THREE Defends, no more will show up. So another problem of the scenario you describe is that, if what you say is 100% correct, I have NEVER been beaten more than 3 times in ANY time period.

EDIT: And I reiterate, I have NEVER seen that counter higher than 3. Ever.

Sorry, @TaliaParks, but you are mistaken on this issue, at least as far as the PC/ mobile version is concerned. I have had the exact experience as @Shiratori described above. If you have been playing PvP, you can check your revenges before returning to the map screen, and can keep playing revenges, often alternating with additional PvP battles. Maybe console works differently, but it’s definitely possible on PC/mobile.

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And to be fair to @TaliaParks, I would have sworn it was on console, but it’s entirely possible I did get it confused with the pc version. This wasn’t recent either so yeah I may have crossed the signal, but I’d swear it did come up on console.


I clearly mentioned the word “Console” about 15 times, how are you still confused on this?

Oh, right, you are “fighting” with me in another thread. I’d use a specific word here, but you already know what you are doing :wink: