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Mr Sammy - Home Invasion

And actually you were both right and my mistake was that it 4 not 6 because seeing not 3 on console did stand out. It still was awhile ago though and you have to have some lucky timing with it.

This is the post to which I replied. Please show me where the word “console” is used even once. You made a sweeping generalization that could be misconstrued to apply across all platforms. I stated specifically that my response only concerned PC/mobile.

And I am not “fighting” with you in any thread in this forum. If you think that is the case, you have, perhaps deliberately, misunderstood my remarks.

Ladies please, I was talking about home invasion, not a night time duel!


You conveniently pick the one post, in the middle of a conversation you weren’t even in, to try and prove your point?

Get a life, consider yourself muted. I have no time for trolls.


I apologize for my part in hijacking your thread. Just for informational purposes, @TaliaParks has stated in the introduction thread that his avatar picture is that of his wife. The Talia Parks we know is male.

As for you, Talia, have you forgotten who is the OP of this thread?

Well folks, this proves my points… I always get invaded! :wink:

Drum roll please


Apologies accepted @RiverSong.


Honestly… This whole thing makes me sad…

Plesae delete this post.

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I don’t really want to delete or close this thread, because the original premise is kind of fun… so let’s hand it back to Mr Sammy please, and keep it civil.


I’m not familiar with the console version, but from my experience on PC, I stop being invaded after 3 losses, until I clear them (or until 24 hours pass).

However, the rules for level 1000s (or at least some level 1000s) seem to be somewhat different. specifically for @MrSammy, he mentioned not being around for a week, and still getting invaded all that while (which is usually impossible, as you need to be active to get invaded). he also seems to have been invaded by his own guildmates, which doesn’t normally happen.

20 defenses after 2-3 hours of inactivity, pretty nice :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen more than 3 on one screen.

Depending on the balancing of PvP points, maybe not. Given failed defends by the AI will lose PvP points, maybe MrSammy and other Level 1,000s will be invaded so much it will be hard to re-earn those points if all their fights are only given “easy” levels of PvP points for a win.

I agree on the 100 rivals though - the top of the table is going to be stormy seas. :smiling_imp:


I find it hard to believe that we will lose points PvP defend loses but not get points for defend wins. It just makes no sense.

If I’m right, then as long as you win more than you lose, you should be good to go,

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You gain AND lose points for PvP defends that the AI does. They are at a reduced rate, but both still reward/deduct points.

The thing with level 1,000s is they will gain little for winning, but lose a lot for losing. They would need at least a 75% defend win rate to not lose points, or win against people near their level with the AI defend.

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Who said that? I don’t remember the devs mention that the points gained and lost from defends have a similar ratio to invades. You have a source, or is this a baseless assumption?

The video shows it…

And this:

I will be doing a video on Wednesday or Thursday to clarify things about the 2.0 preview that people seem to be confused about.

It says they are not equal, and you can see that, but you don’t know how exactly they are determined. The way you declared that level 1,000s would need “at least 75% defend win rate”, I expect you to have a much better source, or you are just making assumptions again.

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High leveled players don’t tend to lose. High leveled players are worth a lot of points. When at level 1,000, there is nothing above you aside from more kingdom bonuses and more legends on a team. These will be defend loses around 6-10sh points, possibly less based on scaling. This is based on the teams in the video near the person’s score being around 13 points, which is scaled down by defends by whatever they scale down by.

Lower leveled players are likely to lose to level 1,000s. In the video, lower players had around 3-6 points for a standard win. That is only about 2-4 points for an AI defend win.

There is no way to know the exact math until we see the system in action, but roughly 75% win rate for defends works with what we currently have available for information. There are numerous factors that can change that %, such as high leveled players losing to high leveled players now that force exit will no longer work.

You can’t assume points gained/lost on defends based on points gained/lost on invades, because in invades you have a choice who to invade, so the system makes sense. In defends, you can’t choose who invades you, so it makes no sense to have such a big difference in points depending on who attacked you.

Basically what I’m saying, you can only guess the rates for defends based on what you know about defends, and that is next to nothing.

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