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Mr Sammy - Home Invasion

Just for reference for the above debate, I went through the video and these are the results we can see on the Battle Log:

Invade Win +30
Invade Win +18
Invade Win +30
Defense Loss -9 vs QA Cat
Defense Loss -12
Defense Loss -13
Defense Win +7
Defense Loss -7
Invade Win +4
Invade Win +4
Defense Win +10
Defense Win +10
Invade Win +4
Invade Win +4

QA Cat is a level 27 character (who’s profile we see in the video), and the character used in the video is a level 20 one. Not much else known about them.

And for keeping things on topic: @MrSammy One of my goals in the game is to one day invade you :stuck_out_tongue: More just to see your house and your Succubi, rather than any desire for the gold. It might be a ways away though… still only level 82ish :wink:

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I think team scores and kingdom bonuses will be much more important than player level when it comes to determining the amount of won or lost pvp points, both in invades and defends.

Edit: after watching the video once again and comparing the pvp point win/loss column of the three choices to their levels i am actually certain that this is the case. Level doesn’t seem to factor in in a significant way at all, team score seems to be the dominant factor.

We know that defends work based on a person’s score compared to another person. Level is irrelevant. I only mentioned level because this is a thread about level 1,000s, of whom are likely to have some of the highest team scores in the game.

We know that defends near a similar score will be around 13ish points for an invade, so that will be reduced accordingly for a defend. We know that a higher score will range from 15+, but there isn’t anything much higher for that of a level 1,000 with a lot of maxed everything, so that too would be similar to the previous reduced number. We also know that scores that are very low invading someone really high will take a lot of points. This was shown around the 20-30 range in the video. That scaled down is at minimum a 10-15 lose, possibly more.

We can’t conclusively make any determination on the exacts, but the data is right there in the video.

But a level 1000 players team score is not much higher if at all than those of players a couple of hundred levels lower. Also if anyone’s team defeated your defense it will have had a high enough team score to accomplish this task, just like for anyone else. The strength of your defense team also determines the average strength of the teams that are able to defeat it. The difference in team score directly correlates to that and so will the win/loss pvp point ratio.


  1. You can’t learn anything from how much people gain or lose when they invade. That data is completely irrelevant to the matter at hand, until proven otherwise.

  2. The data you have about gain and lose from defends sums up to some random amounts of points. You don’t know the scores of the invading teams, or anything else about them.

You have close to zero relevant data. Everything you said is pure assumptions.

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Just look at the video if you want data.

The only data we have right now is from the current video. It shows a 22% win rate for defends.

All the defends shown in the video is as follows:

This specific instance of data shows a 43% win rate. A 43% AI defend win rate here shows a result of -14. For that number to be a positive gain, that person would need to have 2 more wins. The win/lose ratio for 2 more AI defend wins is 56%.

The reason I stated earlier that it is likely a higher win rate needed for higher levels, i.e. likelier to have higher team scores, is that there are less people above them. AI defend wins will profit most from loses that occur from people of similar or higher team scores. Since most people of higher team scores do not lose, a win rate of around 55%-80% would be needed to counterbalance the AI defend win/lose to a positive gain. That range is so large because we don’t have all the data we need, but with the data we have that is about the best conclusion we can form.

But this is a bot farm you know nothing about. You have no reason to assume that this account have more ‘people’ above it than a level 1000 does in our player base.


You have no way of knowing that. You do know that it does not work like that on invades, since the points you will gain are shown before you can choose the team you’ll invade with, so your own team score is unknown.

I am just going to chime in and say new pvp system is going to screw @MrSammy if he battles even a little as you can’t be attacked if you do not invade first (at least the way it is now.) From what we have seen about how many times sammy has been attacked, he is unlikely to build points without battling a lot which makes me ponder about that one screen in the video where it said “fight”

I can’t, you can’t, but @MrSammy sure can, as I pointed out above. Even if he stops invading completely, he’ll probably still get invaded non stop.

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How does that work? Why does that work? I am confused by this? Is it because of his level?

I don’t know how it works exactly, might be related to being level 1000, bot not all level 1000 players are like that. Maybe it has to do with being the first level 1000.

There have been cases of specific players who kept getting invaded by everyone even though they haven’t been playing for months. This may also have something to do with it.

I was wondering if they gave him something special for being the first too.
Would be great if the other lvl 1000 players would chime in and let us know how their robberies compare to ol sammy.

I’m nowhere near as valuable as @MrSammy . I was 5-2 when i woke up and I’m 3-3 as I’m playing now.

I passed level 200 a couple of weeks ago and saw MrSammy pop up a couple of days later. He had less Gold than many other opponents, and his team was some crazy strong all Mythic OP team. I had been looking forward to cashing in on this whale I’d been hearing about, and was a bit disappointed to pass.

You forgot to put a “es”, it’s succubies, plural. :smiley:
The house is made of major rune stone, held with my excess of souls.
Thousands of troops are marching the parameter.

What’s the point of dreaming small, when it’s a fantasy!


Are you sure level doesn’ t have any impact?
Maybe not level, but at least surge %… No?
To me that is a large factor of power.

Level is irrelevant in regard to point values for teams. From what has currently been described, it seems as if kingdom bonuses, troops upgraded, and troops used are the main things factored in for team scores. A level 500 and a level 1,000 having the same exact everything resource wise would likely have the same or really similar score. The video also showed that match-ups will be based more on score than level.

You should know by participating in the Series that the ONLY thing that makes a Troop “overpowered” is the community’s opinion.

Anything and everything in this game has at least 3 counters to it.

Not being argumentative. Devour has no counter.

Are we talking the Spell-effect Devour (Great Maw) or the Skull-effect Devour (Great Maw’s third Trait)?