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What's the most you won in invasion?

Most I’ve made in a single PvP invasion was $ 5970.

$8750 if I remember right. It quite a while ago I did that. Big ones are averaging around $5-6 K lately.

I play on ‘Normal’ difficulty and $6275 has been the highest total that I have won since 1.09 launched.

8-9k here :slight_smile:

About 5k since 1.0.9.

$8144. Thanks Krammaster

8.4 k - Mr. Sammy Tks.

Good ole’ Mr. Sammy. @mkshandley he made a post a month or so ago about this. If you want to enlighten him :slight_smile:
How’s my defense

enlightened him :slight_smile:

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would have to say in all the Money rewards seemed to have dropped since patch but, every once in awhile you run into a Mr. Sammy or the like :slight_smile:

A thank you to MrSammy


@zachraziel WOW, that’s impressive. Would you mind posting that How’s my defense there< also?

hmm, what is that last troop in your team? Can barely see him/her. :wink:

It looks like a Hero’s weapon, ‘Yasmine’s Chalice’.

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Let me enjoy this team! :kissing_heart:

Shhh… Secret ingredient


Looking forward to enjoy this team, thank you! :slight_smile:

Lol, I can’t pull that off, @Macawi is correct


Sammy is awesome. nice gold rewards Zachraziel. grats

Thanks :slight_smile:
However, @MrSammy’s team isn’t giving the much in the way of rewards since that snap-shot. The most gold I seem to be getting at the moment is through @dwaalkameel and his 3x Lamia + Bone Dragon team. The base gold is usually 1.7-2.5k