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Curious and gathering data: what're your PVP W:L stats?

Just curious and wanted to get some actual data. Very simply, how many PVP Invade wins and losses do you have? If you haven’t already seen these, they’re in PVP > Stats > bottom right corner: the leftmost sword is your Invade wins, and the skull next to it is your Invade losses.

Mine are 9936 wins, 552 losses.

Please post yours!

Mine are 8475 and 441. Looking forward to any insights after a good sample! :slight_smile:

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So much of my time is spent experimenting with different teams and I never do it in casual mode so my stats are way off the beam LOL


You can see the stats for the Top 50 players* with most invasions on @Lyya’s website: https://gowdb.com/extras/invasion

*Of those players who have agreed to be on the leaderboards…

I’m not sure what the data will show, other than who takes more or less risks in PvP regarding team selection and opponent selection, but mine are 14,867 wins, 984 losses.

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Yep, I know, but I don’t know how many people opted in to the site, so I’m also doing this too.

I was having a discussion elsewhere and I said that “most people win most fights, most of the time”. There was some questioning as to whether or not that was true, so I was curious to get numbers.

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I think “how long has the player been playing” is an important consideration, too.

I lost far more battles in my first few months than I do now. Getting a troop like TDS or Infernus dramatically changes your win rate, but your old win/loss record persists.

Currently: 4,286-946 on offense and 830-2353 on defense. Started playing around maybe July or August 2017.

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Good point. IIRC, the win-loss counter didn’t come in until after I’d learnt how to play and could build decent decks (for the meta of the time).

When did the counters start counting? 2.0?

Whenever the old PVP system was changed over to the “new” / current one, AFAIK. Honestly don’t even remember anymore which version that was since it’s been a while.

Overall? Invasion: 23894 W 1569 L Defense: 7208 W 8956 L. I’m on Xbox and I started playing last June.

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Invasion: 61,903W. 4,692L

Def: 13,383W. 16,230L

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W: 26,147 L: 749 win rate: 97.22%

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Wasn’t it when the new system of PVP (ranked PVP, casual PVP and 3 trophies) was released? No idea which update it was.

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If you don’t win 90-95% of the time you must be doing it wrong.

Thank you for your off-topic and condescending contribution. Care to share your numbers now?

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W: 9989
L: 437

On PS4 and started playing January of 2016 (I think).

For the record, I’m not sure what this will tell you outside of what you can see on GOWDB. Any data you get here will be limited in number and biased due to self-selection.


Pretty sure this is stemming from our discussion on reddit in which case thanks for starting the thread I hadn’t gotten a chance to do so yet:

For myself I think I’m around #25 on the PS4 leaderboard but to save you looking it up currently I’m at

W 14,238
L 2,113

Invasion win rate 87.07%
It’s probably much closer to the 90 to 95% if you just take the last 3 or 4 months but I lost a pile of those 2,113 matches between level 200 and 600 while I was traiting troops and fighting folks at end game far stronger than I was (I’m almost 1380 now and it’s swung the opposite direction where I’m smashing almost everyone lower then me )


W 2,853
L 5,378

Combined win rate = 70%

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My current stats (PS4) stand as:

8422 invasions
7810 wins
612 losses
W/L ratio = 92.73%

I don’t do a lot of ranked pvp

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Started playing 1st Dec 2017.

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Mine are W: 12,042 L: 285

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