Perfect Guild War Day


I don’t know how common it is to win all 150 matches in one day but it was our first time!

Opponents info hidden for privacy.


Congrats! Very impressive!
I wish we can achieve that some day. :slight_smile:


Too kind :smiley:


wow that is crazy, great job, I have never seen that before


Our best I think is 146-4. Congrats!


Wow! 13 hours this thread has been open and no screams of cheating or shenanigans? I’m disappointed… :slightly_frowning_face:

Congrats by the way! Something to be proud of! Pretty sure it’s a rarity :+1:


Thanks everyone, it was squeaky bum time for the last few players :smiley:


I can definitely say being the last member to fight my battles I was a nervous wreck. Clammy hands, racing heart etc. Huge relief when my last battle was won…Whew :blush:


Maybe cause that person got banned - Zing!


Gratz! our best in bracket1 has been 148-2


Next goal is for everyone to get a similar score and guild total score over 1.4M


All bracket1 guilds score over 1.4M, top 5 over 1.5M


Sounds extra tight on PC!


Once we managed to reach more than 90-0. Our remaining members were all afraid to do their battles, because they didn’t want to get the first loss of the day. So no one played for a while. And then there has been a loss… and another one… I think we finished at 147-3. I don’t remember if we have done better than that.


Correct me if I’m wrong and it plays diffently on PC (I play on xbox1), but if all teams in bracket 1 are scoring over 1.4m points then does that suggest that it is very rare to get any defence wins, and therefore prevent the opposition from scoring so highly?


I don’t understand the SS doesn’t it just say your guild has done 150 out of 150 battles?


Indeed, the score is the give away though.


I didn’t notice the score it does indicate 150 wins. Congrats that is very impressive.


I think you were right first time Maxx, screenshot does not say 150/150 wins but as Unforgiven says if you do the math 281k divided by 30 = minimum 9366 points per player so very impressive. Now can you do it again? Well done to Thieves for topping bracket 1 for every week since GW began, and well done to Unforgiven for being the guild to finally beat them. I’m going to play this game until the day my guild (Gem Assassins) are top of bracket 1, even just for 1 week and I could die happy lol!


Goodluck, hope you achieve it!