Team Composition Question

I am currently playing as “Templar/Alastair/Paladin/Settite” and am wondering if in the current meta it is a good team. I was also curious if under the current meta going for kingdom/troop bonuses are good at all. I keep seeing people who dont go for bonuses but rather go for gem creators/transformers etc rather than bonuses.

On top of that i am building a team (especially if someone tells me if its better than my original team) comprised of Jarl/Mercy/Astral Spirit/Valkyrie. On top of that if anyone can tell me any slight changes to my compositions including order id appreciate any help given.

Depends on how your kingdoms are… if you dont have many lvl 10 kingdoms and / or you dont have many ascended troops then the kingdom / troop type bonuses are quite a big deal, but once you get into the endgame it generally doesnt matter that much.

As for composition, the usual is that you have some form of gem genrator / transformer (at least one) who feeds mana to your damage dealer. The damage dealing can be either skull based ( Sheggra, Bone Dragon, Keeper of Souls ) or simply a high-damaging ability.

My current attacking team is:

Herdmaster (bonus in 1st slot, cleansing, gem exploding generation)
The Great Maw (single target removal, grows while Herdmaster absorbs damage)
Soothsayer (starts with full mana, gets things going faster, generates mana)
War (good single target ability + a little aoe, absorbs a lot of mana from Herdmaster explosions)

What level are you? What legendaries, mythics and epics do you have access to?

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getting kingdom & troop bonuses is nice - especially if they are exactly what you need. Since you’re running an armor deck, armor bonuses are more useful to you than health, for example. Fortunately Whitehelm gives armor :wink:

Honestly I think running both Templar AND Alastair is probably overkill. You have 3 troops giving armor, and just one troop dealing damage. (Plus a bit from Setite). I might try Rowanne in your comp to replace one of the others.

Jarl is a powerhouse - especially if you can get him traits. But again - that team relies A LOT on Jarl - without him, the rest of your team is going to have a hard time getting kills. 2 support troops is a lot of baggage to lug around.

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I only have 150 hrs in the game so far. Currently have gloom leaf, webspinner, jarl, and borealis. I have many epics too many to list especially since im not on the game atm. A guildmate suggested to me webspinner/emperina(or valk for souls) and then two others im having trouble thinking of atm, possibly soothsayer

I agree, i thought something tanky with some dmg might be better in the front like knight coronet or emperor korvash(mightve spelled the name wrong) thanks for the help

Thanks appreciate the response, i thought it would be something like that

In general, I think Legendaries are pretty specialized, and not a good unit to build around.

Epics, especially the quest-givers (which you get for finishing a kingdom’s quest lines), are often great troops to build a team around. That’s why I suggest Rowanne - just do Forest of Thorns, and you’ll have her.

Valkyrie is, unfortunately, just an amazing troop that you should pretty much use all the time. You should also be saving gems to get some good armor to boost souls & gold - but Valkyrie is always a key part of your long-term progression.

A solid team that works for earning resources is:


-Not a powerhouse in PvP, but that team can get you through most quests & challenges with ease, and earn you lots of gold/souls/maps while doing it.

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Im personally focused on pvp atm, i was in the top 100 as of last i played a few hours ago, but maybe i should focus on completing all the quests soon as well

Jarl works best in a team that makes and leaves the board yellow and red. It is difficult (though not impossible) to put him in a team with Valkyrie since she is antithetical to this goal. A couple of teams I have found to work well are:

Jarl Firemantle***
Hero (Priest** / Eternal Flame)
Goblin Rocket*

Jarl Firemantle***
Queen Mab***

In the second team, Queen Mab is there for her freeze trait only, though she might incidentally fill from some of the looping Alchemist and Hellcat do. If Jarl misfires (and face it, he routinely misfires when you need that extra turn), then having the enemy team frozen will mitigate the retaliation – and might leave the board still nicely red/yellow afterward if you are lucky.

@Mr.Strange is correct though that Jarl teams tend to be very reliant on Jarl and often fall apart if he is killed. Keep that in mind while experimenting, and good luck!


If you just want to invade, then do Templar/Alastair/Rowanne/Settite. 2 troops giving armor, 2 troops whose damage is boosted by armor. You will never die except to true damage and as soon as you get both damage dealers’ armors above 50 you might as well go make a sandwich because that team practically plays itself.

@Lyya and @Gadowscar

My Jarl team which has been entitled “BaDaBoom!!!”
Has given me a lot of success, I use it often on 5 star Warlord IV challenges to pick off troublesome troops.
The glory of this team is that it is fully capable of winning even with the loss of Jarl (although those game are more of a pain to get through). So, with out further adu, I give you:


Red/Red Banner

Jarl (3)
Goblin Rocket (3) (only (1) needed)
Goblin Rocket (3) (only (1) needed)
Goblin Rocket (3) (only (1) needed)

Using a red/red banner allows Jarl to completely fill up in just one 5 of a kind red match or two 3 of a kind red matches, this improves Jarl’s ability to loop with him self and all extra mana goes to the Rockets. Clever Rocket use lets you keep the turn and refill Jarl should his spell not nail the necessary red matches (4 of a kinds are a pain) and chip damage from Goblin Rockets will allow keeping the turn and I have indeed been able to win using just 3 Goblin Rockets (the will completely fill on a 3 of a kind red surge)

Later on when you receive and can fully trait a Moloch, I would put him in the last slot as suppression support provides longevity when lowering attack and magic and when his spell is ready to go you can drain a fully charged enemy that might otherwise get a chance to do very bad things on cast if Jarl should happen to miss.

Hope this team can give a little assistance,

Cell, Here if you need me

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I run Templar / Valk / Marcy / Paladin and unless I get really unlucky with the RNG, it’s kind of automatic. Even though I only have 1 damage dealer, the looping capability almost guarantees that he takes out a troop every time I cast him.

Never hurts to have a backup DPS though.

My original main team that has worked till about lvl 200 is
Luther ( or hero with a blue weapon)
Around lvl 150 I got Luther to Leader + Armored which are really the only important traits in this setup. As a bonus, all three epics are rewards from questlines.

My current main team is
Herdmaster (leader helps but isn’t really necessary)
Soothsayer (not sure how much empowered is needed)
Valkyrie (water link is a must)
Druid (water link is a must)

I am still very surprised at how well it has been doing, and I think it will require one or more unique legendary traits to improve on this one.

I am currently lvl 290

Empowered is only needed if you want to consistently finish battles faster.

I’m pretty sure;

Jarl Firemantle

… is one of the best looping teams you can build. Especially early on if you get Jarl at a lower level

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Respecfully, I think “looping Jarl” is much too difficult to pull off successfully, and too fragile to rely on.

Sure, it’s awesome when it happens. But I strongly prefer teams that have multiple plans of attack. For example, my favorite team (needs lots of traits to make it work, so this isn’t really an early team) is:

Giant Spider***

Two transformers, which not only give mana but also set up the board for either Jarl loops or Watcher loops - all of which helps trigger the Arcane trait on Watcher. And Watcher drains mana from anyone with a status effect - like the burning Jarl triggers from all the 4/5 matches. And if Jarl dies, Giant Spider & Spider Swarms provide poison, to keep the status-effect-train going.

Again, my only quibble is that, in my opinion, trying to support Jarl too heavily makes the team brittle. Building a team that can roll with multiple color/board states gives a much more robust experience, while not ruling out the occasional amazing Jarl loop.

I’ve never heard this term looping, and a bit confused by it. Does it mean a team that can pretty much win most fights? or the other 3 troops loop back to the 1st?

It means that you are able to do 1 thing, which gives you an extra turn. You use that turn to do thing #2, which also gives an extra turn. You use that turn to do thing #3, which gives an extra turn… and enables you to do thing #1 again!

This creates a “loop” that you can do forever, and win the game. Generally it takes a few turns to set up the loop.

A classic example is:

Alchemist, Valkyrie, Banshee.

  • #1 - Alchemist requires red & brown, and creates yellow. You can usually make a 4/5 match, so you get a ton of yellow AND an extra turn.

  • #2 - Banshee fills up with yellow & purple, and creates red. Also deals significant damage to one troop.

  • #3 - Valkyrie fills up with red (and yellow! Double synergy!), and creates blue. You can usually make at least one 4/5 match, so you get a ton of blue AND an extra turn.

You generally take a 4th troop that deals damage and uses blue… but often you just cycle those three forever once you get the ball rolling. It’s a very “safe” way to play and win the game.