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Team Chronic needs you

Rookie to veterans, Team Chronic needs you all. Looking for committed players of any type. Promotions will be given through Guild task contributions, online activity and ability. I’m not looking to rule the world but I am looking for people who are tired of being the workhorses for invisible leadership and poor management. Let’s make a guild. Rewards and appreciation await.

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No rules, no requirements. Just contribute when you can. A few days off is no big deal but no activity in 2 weeks will likely get you booted. I want every member to matter so to speak.

I literally just started it today. Got sick of putting gold into another guild with no reward or incentive. I can do it better. So it’s a start up but one where we will have the decision making power and we won’t have to wait for somebody to get back from vacation to apply bonuses and what not. In any case it’s going to be an uphill fight for a little bit but in the end I find it will be a much more rewarding experience when everybody has a hand in the management of the guild. My character is currently level 35 and I am active at least once a day. It’s definitely a bother having to start over but I think I will be a better Guild Master than most of the people I’ve already dealt with. I just need a new team. It might take a while but I’d rather have those people rather than the people who don’t contribute don’t show up and don’t really help. Thank you for your interest I would definitely be glad to see you show up in the guild but if it isn’t the right fit for you then I wish you all the luck.

Not allowed Mr. Wolf. All your time is TAKEN!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Must contribute 420 trophies per week :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey! I’m in a guild 420Maryjane but there is rarely any activity and I’m the only one contributing. I’d like to join your guild. My invite code is ALISHA 19