Looking to take part in an active guild

As the title suggests I’m looking for a very active guild. I’ve been playing for about 3 weeks now, I’m level 116, and I max out the weekly seals. I’m huge into pvp, hitting tier 1 weekly and I’m able to donate quite a bit of gold to help with guild task completion.

Please only consider me if the guild is structured and fair. I’m hoping to find one that has a gold contribution requirement of 50k-100k weekly, completes at least 1000 weekly seals, and earns a decent amount of trophies. Also, inactive members get kicked.

Im currently part of a dying guild, but will not leave until I find a better fit.

If I fit your guild requirements please let me know.


How many trophies do you usually do each week?

Hey Twilight - Our guild, DeathorGlory is seeking members.

We have around 15 members but we all contribute daily. You are most welcome to join our guild.

All for one and one for all so as with DeathorGlory or any guild you choose to join, please make sure you collect your guild seals on a daily basis and complete tasks as you build your coins.


Hey Twilight,

Our guild Nowhere to Hide is a reformed guild, top 100 but we need to fill the last 4 or so spots.

We want new players like yourself or veteran players, like myself, who don’t want the 1500 per week seal grind but still want the bonuses that come with a top guild.

Love to have you if you are still looking. PM or reply.


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Peaches, I’d sent you a PM a short while back.

Order of Bastet’s got some openings if you’re interested.

Thanks everyone for the kind offers, though I’ve found a guild currently to my liking. Should anything change I’ll let you know!

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