Looking for guild - active daily avg. 2-400k weekly

Hi - unfortunately the guild I’ve been in the last 250 days is closing so I’m looking for a new active guild.

I play on android and usually donate between 200k to 400k, 800-1300 seals, and dunno about trophies but I think about 150 - 250 at a guess.

Current guild that’s closing is lvl 426, 300% gold bonus, for grandmaster 1 league rank 46. I’m normalls in top 10 gold contributions

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Replied to you in a different post.
Realm of the Undead , rank 85 could have a spot for you, we are looking for 1500 seals though.

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I can’t commit to 1500 every week, sorry

I have a spot for you no reqs but very active
Gems of the Ostfront rank 399

No problem, good luck and have fun

I just started a new guild and I’m looking for members to help me build it up. Interested?

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Mitribain might have a spot for you.
We are relaxed rank #77 guild with members who enjoy the game but don’t always have the time to pursue fixed reqs,still we are active daily. You are busy this week? No problem,come for an hour or half of it, throw some battles,it’ll be better next week :-).

Yup. Replied to your other post :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer, sounds like a great guild but I’d like to try joining a start up guild so hoping to join the Elders

Welcome Serane! Glad to have you.

No problem :slight_smile:
Enjoy, maybe we’ll roam the world map in another time :slight_smile:

I have a new guild kinda small and just starting out if you would like to help me build it