GUILD recruitment PoTSmokers

How’s it going looking for people that are currently active and are willing to participate within the guild currently its just I and phone account adding to the guild
Guild size (5/30)
Trophies 2500

I’ve currently put roughly 700k into tasks and 1500 trophies. I’m looking for people that are atleast willing to help further the guild as much as I Have. My current level is 168

bump Still looking for active members looking to find a fast track towards #1

currently plat 2 league and just 50 trophies shy of next league level… come join The Up and coming #1 team

Yeah me again Merry Xmas, Still looking for more guild recruits.

Guild -PoTSmokers
league platinum 2
members 5/30(waiting til after holidays to see if they get active again, to remove them) otherwise its just Me

I have all bonus leveled some, with more of a focus on blue, red, and green.

all i ask is u help further the guild… Im not going to be like some guilds and demand that you add 100 trophies and 100000 a week, but i do ask that u make it to #1 each week and add some cash.

Hi. I just left the random guild that I joined upon first playing the game because no one was able to assign the mana mastery bonus points… there were 90 unused points! The only high ranking guild member hadn’t been online in nearly a month! I couldn’t take it any more.

I like the name of your guild and do partake myself… I see 4 and 5 matches more easily while in an altered state of mind! lol

I tried to create my own guild but no one has joined yet… and probably wont. I am looking to contribute and play daily. Currently level 50.

Still looking?

Yep, think i only have 6 unused right now with several masteries +5 or more with max +8 or 9 i forget offhand. Sorry takes me Until the afternoon when i get off work to catch any messages. Not Sure how long you been lookin for a reply

Just msg me your invite code and i’ll send out an invite :smiley:

Hi Tony, I left my guild because I was the only active player. Didn’t want to have to recruit players so I joined a bigger guild. The Hyrule Warriors. So far so good! Maybe you’ll have luck better luck in a bigger guild too! Good luck!

Hey Bro Could you i dunno maybe use your own post for recruiting, that would be appreciated


Hey Syn,

So… forum n00b mistake. I didn’t realize that there were sections for specific platforms. I was looking for PS4 guilds. Bummer though… I love your guild name! lol

Best of luck.

Hey creed that msg was for another guy, this is syn just send me your invite code by the way I play off of steam

Still recruiting for Guild PoTSmokers.

Currently level 21 guild looking to continue to move up the ranks, If your active and willing to make it to number 1 each week as well as help progress the guild towards the upper teirs then by all means leave your invite code and I shall invite ya

bump Still looking Moved up to plat 1 still sitting at 3/30 people could Still use more

Hi Synergy,

I’d like to join your guild, my Invite code is EMPEROR81.

I’m playing since about 3 weeks, and reached level 100 today. I was in a random guild the last two weeks, but i left because most members are inactive, especially the leader, so I’m looking for a new guild. I collected over 100 trophies this week and spent over 50 k gold for guild.

I like the game, and your guildname also :wink:

Sup emperor81 you’ve been invited welcome to the guild

bump 4/30 still looking for more active

BUMP have now moved up into DIAMOND lll THATS right moved up 2 leagues since first posting update goes as follows

Guildmates 4(ones inactive, given permission to remove when((hes a friend)) so when i neeed room hes gone), I guild owner have 2 accounts.
Requests: Get to postion 1 each week, currently theres 2 of us putting 100+ trophies a week
bonuses: currently have all leveled as follows 5, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 if u want to know colors join up and have fun
Tasks: currently since its just 2 of us were leveling our kingdoms with only slowly adding to the tasks, currently will update when this changes

People were looking for well active laid back and willing to help each other in the hopes of surpassing a lot of great guilds that are aways ahead. You don’t need to be the most experienced or of a certain level just be able to keep fun and help us improve and progress and we shall do the same with you

still looking for more active folks sitting at 4/30 post above for requirements. Level does not matter, so long as your active

bump still sitting at 4/30 still looking for active members, were over 1/2 way to our 4th league jump since my original post will be at 3500 trophies fairly soon.

Still looking for more active people levels need not worry, just be active and help further guild

still looking bumppity bump bump bump