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Stranger Tides

They are all chosen randomly. Note that it doesn’t say it’s a different random seed for each individual player. That the sequence is the same for each player was actually a community request that got implemented, because it makes scoring fairer.

That’s pretty obvious for players familiar with the game, the mechanism you are thinking of is called a map refresh.

I’m not saying I don’t understand it, but what I am saying is that it is wrong. It is not ethical. What is happening, should be exactly what it says. Not something else.

Also, why do I have to go to website to find out the scoring is?? That needs to be in the game.


Hmm, so you’re wanting to see “after each battle is done, a new battle will replace it” or something like that? That’s part of the event mode in general, I don’t think they need to include it in every event description.

On weeks where battle resetting does happen and more than the defeated battle gets replaced, they mention that by describing the event rounds and saying battles will reset.


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