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Stranger Tides

That Tide Curse artwork though on Cyrene’s ability is awesome though.

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I liked the Kharybdis spell art. Amazing.

Just a shame that the 2 new troops’ artwork is lacklustre.

Cyrene’s left arm seems a bit odd, amongst other things.
Kharybis is really wonky and too much shading.

Maybe I should spend more time with fantasy aquatic creatures though and learn to accept there is no such thing as physical perfection? :laughing:

Says you.


Is it just me, or is the scoring broken…?
It’s no variable number of shells for me. Not even close. There’s no multiplication at all and I ALWAYS get the base amount of shells and I already did quite a bunch of matches (2340 points with just the base amount).

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I see variation. Both with battles I did shortly after reset and more recently.

Do you have a record of battles? I keep track of mine and I’m right on the average expected currently (3370 points with 2860 base points)

I’ve also seen boosted points from the variable several times today.

Maybe RNG is being very unfavourable to you? :slightly_frowning_face:

No sadly didn’t track it.
Now with 15-20 more battles I also got a variation 3-4 times. But that feels really little honestly. But well :smiley:

Who knows. That could be :see_no_evil:

Wasn’t the Behemoth trait originally +8 life? Maybe they forgot they changed it to 10… Either way, Titanic should be +12 now I guess.

So far - 2 out of 31 with more than base amount. Let’s see what comes the following days.

50 battles:

Lamprey: 6,4,6,4,4,4
Shocktopus: 5,5,7,5,5,7,5,5,7,7,5,7,7
Scylla: 6,6,15,6,6
Kraken: 7,7,7,10,7,7,7,7,7,7
Leviathan: 8,8,12,8,8,8
Kharybdis: 10,20,10,10,10,20,10,10,10,25

Minimum score: 24 + 65 + 30 + 70 + 48 + 100 = 337
Received score: 28 + 77 + 39 + 73 + 52 + 135 = 404

404 / 337 = 1.20. Slightly lucky so far, the average is supposed to be 1.18.


From the description: There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Lamprey, Shocktopus, Scylla, Kraken, Leviathan, and Kharybdis. The battles are randomly chosen, but they all have an equal chance of appearing on the map.

The battles have not been random for me. I played eight battles today, and all of the options on the screen were Lamprey, except for the one I played (I chose the middle one). The middle one would change, but it was Lamprey about half the time. Every other battle remained Lamprey, every time. How is that random? Do the devs know what random means?

They can just explain it away by claiming “streaky RNG” I guess? :thinking:

Only the battle you pick is replaced with a random one, not the ones you leave untouched. If you avoid the Lamprey battles they’ll eventually pile up.

Tell me again why do I despise this random scoring (and add random battle encounters in there, too) stuff?

For example, my brother and I have both done 81 battles always choosing the highest base score option:
my points - 5890
his points - 6240;
do some finger calculations and find out that he’s received 350 points more. That doesn’t sit well with me at all.

Unfortunately, he’s not a strange weirdo and doesn’t write down details along the way and thus it’s impossible to shed further light on the matter, like - how many battles of every kind? what score for any of the battles? - but that leads to another point of annoyance (let’s suppose he encountered Leviathans and Kharybdises more often) - why should one of us get more higher payout fights than the other? I can’t help feeling wronged or mistreated.

Here is the summary of my week


with individual battles recorded

Let’s assume that two persons fight exactly the same number of exactly the same battles and end up with exactly the same multiplier (for example - 1,11 when averaged across all 6 battle type multipliers); still - one of them could have highest multiplier values for biggest payout battles, while going 1,00 for Lamprey and Shoctopus whereas other has exactly the same highest multiplier values for smallest payout battles and goes 1,00 for Leviathan and Kharybdis.
Needless to say, this hypothetical situation also doesn’t sit well with me.

Sure, leaderboard ties, you’d say, we don’t want to give out 100 orbs of power.
To which I will bluntly reply - I don’t care squat for leaderboards, that is none of my problem. If you’re so concerned about about it, please, be so kind to find another tiebreaker that doesn’t constantly slap me in the face. Not cool, totally not cool.

There’s already enough random with board states, gem falls, ravens appearing , ravens escaping/not escaping, isn’t there?


He didn’t, the replacement sequence is the same for all players. If you both avoided Lamprey battles as long as possible you fought exactly the same battles. Your scores are pretty close together, the difference is roughly 5%, that’s well within the 18% random score component. It’s still kind of sad that an event system supposedly designed to provide a huge amount of flexibility has to resort to random scoring every other week instead of offering optional ways for players to score higher, through added challenges.

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I’m pretty sure the 1.19 variable is to make ties very difficult to plan/coordinate.
So if don’t like the system. Thank the players who abused it I guess. 🤷

I’m one of the weirdos who writes everything down :smiley:

To further add to your annoyance, at 81 battles, I had a score of 6660.

I agree, the random is frustrating. Same battle, different payout doesn’t seem fair. And if I cared about leaderboards, I’d be furious. I don’t understand people who go for leaderboards when “random” is part of the equation. Seems like a lot of gems to waste on luck. Since I don’t care about leaderboards though, I’m just mildly disgruntled about it because it makes it harder to do event requirement for my guild.


That is not what the description says. It says they are all chosen randomly, and that each has an equal chance of appearing on the map. That is not what they are doing. Their descriptions need to match what they are doing. If only the battle you pick has a random chance of being each of the six, that’s what it needs to say

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