Is Valiant Pyrea in drop pool now?

Did anyone get Valiant Pyrea today from chests?
I spent 50k guild seals and didn’t get a single copy, pretty sure devs forgot to add it as they right now making their own rules anyway and f*** up everything!!!

Chests usually update on Fridays. If you don’t see a new troop on the chests screen wait for Fridays.

I’m not sure on the release of Pyrea though.

Nah, Water Weird was exactly 4 weeks after Invasion in chests and i also got my first AI offer on Dec. 27th, everything like it should be.
But knowing the devs i think they forgot to do it now for Valiant Pyrea…until someone can post a screenshot here

Got feedback from one player, that he got AI offer today for Valiant Pyrea, so it should be in chests.
All I needed to know…

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many thanks, yes already got myself an AI offer yesterday

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