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What is put in the VIP/Guild chests but not in the Event ones?
(VIP/Guild chests change in 3 days and Event chests in 6 days)


It might be an automatic timer… but we’re coming up on 4 weeks since Urskaya, so in theory there would be another kingdom coming out on Friday (though I’m not sure we actually will get one).

Normally it’s 8 weeks between kingdom and Event chests should be also updated… Strange :thinking: .

But spreading the rumour of a new kingdom coming soon is the best solution to have a dev answering.
Good idea :wink: .

True, but Urskaya was a month late due to the Unity move iirc? Maybe it’s just off a month because of that? And it’s possible that the new kingdom troops don’t go into the event chest pool when released and only go in on the following Monday when there is usually a kingdom event for the new kingdom anyways.


Friday is usually Mythic day, maybe a special Apocalypse event? Imp rollover could also be a reason, did we already transition from Summer to Autumnal?

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The event chests will change at re-set with the weekly event. They reflect that weeks event

Maybe the next update with a Mythic only available in the Soulforge.
EDIT: could it be… (!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1) - #3581 by yonizaf
EDIT2: it seems it will be option 2 from @Fourdottwoone: Imp rollover
EDIT3: apparently, Autumnal Imp is already in the chests… so forget EDIT2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Gold chests change in 2 days as well. The most likely explanation is a new kingdom - or an error in the data (e.g because new kingdom was pushed back and the data is old).


Could it be them adding recent troops to gold chests, maybe? Not sure if they still do that on a delay, but didn’t that used to be the case?

That should only happen on Monday. For gold chests to change on Friday, a new kingdom is the only explanation I can think of.