Stop releasing patch on gw week

Again this error, again put patch with gameplay changes mid week in the war week, please stop is frustating when for a new chage you waste a battle in gw


As Salty replied in another thread, this decision is not up to the devs. Probably, it’s a publisher one

I leave this here for as a suggestion for publisher so

How exactly did the update affect today’s gvg actually? It has 0 to do with pvp/gvg/whatever after all

I didn’t notice any effects, neither positive nor negative, in today’s gvg.

Several of my guildmates had the game crash during guild wars battles. Pre update, the game didn’t crash for them


Whiskey my guildmate too. And they added a new status effect and people dont know how to work perfecty

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Infinite loading on gw, new status added mid week we don’t know all the effects (megavore is oneshotted by reflect becouse he deal 1000 damage to armour)

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If they haven’t yet, encourage guild mates to report the game crashing. It could help the devs to convince the publisher to avoid scheduling updates during GW weeks.

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Its not like publisher even understands what crashing the game on the start of the GW battle means to players.


The devs should still see the concern and push back with threads like as evidence. We have no way to influence the publisher, but surely the devs can.

This happens EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. a patch is dropped.
Client becomes unstable and/or loading screen taking forever.
Come on guys, your system of live updates is amazing but something is clearly out of control here. I don’t know if it’s a problem with resource loading but if it is then you MUST schedule this loading BEFORE issuing to the main server the start of the battle…at least that won’t be counted if clients crashes or has to be restarted.
It would even not be a major issue during another event where you can spent (a load of) gems to get another sigil, but during GW it’s another story.
Take this thread as an evidence to whoever is so dummy to let a patch be scheduled during this week and please, please, yell on his/her face to go to hell spoiler all of season ending of every series they might be watching an ask to multiply that frustration by 10.
Because that would be a minimal part of player’s frustration.

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Just gonna go for it.


Anonymous members (bracket 1), Light Army members (bracket 2) and Marthos Guardians members (bracket 3) are reporting those crashes too on our discord server.

It is incredibly frustrating that patches and subsequent problems (because Quality Control before releasing patches is non-existant in this game) keep happening during Guild Wars weeks, which is for many players the most anticipated week of the 4 week cycle…

That continued stupidity combined with the P2W smell that this patch has (stat increasing deeds available for real money) are creating a very negative vibe for GoW right now…


Guild Wars is the only game mode on which players can’t spend endlessly, like what happens instead for ToD, Invasion and Raids.

As the game needs to survive, and the only way to achieve that is to bring players to spend, my theory is that publisher prefers to have possible problems while players can’t spend and not in weeks when there are events with endless buyable resources.

For that, we can expect many more patches to be released during GW weeks


I am having these issues in PvP mode.

I downloaded all assets in settings to see if that helped. I have rebooted phone and game.

Infinitely loading time when I enter PvP. It’s definitely a server issue, not me!

iPhone XR here.

I lost 2 GW battles due to the game crashing, so I get this post. I checked my App store updates and nothing was there so I was really confused. I turned my phone off and turned it back on, and boom it is there. Super frustrating, but oh well.

May be unrelated to the patch but our guild current has 59/150 battles played but it should view as 60/150. Not seen this happen before in GW

Experienced the infinite loading during pvp, game counted it as a loss.:angry: so far, just the once.
Guildmate had game crash twice during wars.

always love seeing “the game needs to survive” statements like its going broke or something…srry i mustve imagined the years of gameplay i had before these gem sink game modes were added…seemed like the the game existed fine then…

Sorry, I don’t think this is an appropriate request nor a polite thing. Please reconsider your words next time, we are humans.