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We have not had a Guild Wars since before the release of update 7.3. It is a 4 weekly event, and has been delayed.

During January 2024, the community manager advised that there were some issues and the development team were working on them, to resolve in March 2024. I think we can class them as bugs - hence this way to address communication.

The next Guild Wars is in the game as starting in 19 days (plus some hours). So we assume week commencing 4th March 2024.

Can the community be updated as to whether that is likely to transpire, and how the development team are progressing with their solution to issues preventing the mode occurring.

The lack of information is seen as anxious by many, albeit it is not an issue for many either, overall it ultimately affects the playerbase.

Good communication will help with restoring either confidence in the mode being returned to the game, if there is any further delay and if there are wider issues. This will help players who may decide their gems of war commitment, who may leave, guilds potentially losing numerous players and friends, and for other guilds and players to consider their GoW future.

I’m certain that leaving players affects all, like the mode or not, including developers and publishers and ultimately revenue.

@Kafka Can you please update the community with current information, and in reasonable haste please, so as to reduce any additional concerns.

Many Thanks


@Kafka You know very well no communication is bad everywhere. No communication in the game is even worse, you all leave us guessing. Plus the guild leaders have to plan for gw or any guild event. No communication is real bad in a guild and the effects to a guild can cause tons of problems with no information. But guild leaders depend on the Devs like yourself to keep us informed so they can past that information to their guilds and help their members stay happy in the game.


They dont care about communication and keeping the player base happy just the ££££ coming in


I know that money is a key factor but I wonder if they realize how many paying players are actively playing only because of guild wars. Like, I give dollars sometimes, but without GW, why would I bother? No reason to up my kingdom levels, power levels, get stats, get troops. Like, I could just resort to playing extremely casually and stop giving money at all. The reason I give money is to get an edge in GW.


La verdad no los entiendo , tan dificil es comunicar cada un tiempo de que es lo que pasa en el juego … la comunidad lo pide … no estamos pidiendo nada del otro mundo solo que informen de lo que esta pasando @Kafka


Sorry for the time it took to get an update.
We pass on information when we have it and until this morning I thought we were still good for a Guild Wars in March as displayed in game, but found out that’s no longer the case.


Our guild is a Guild Wars focused guild. Having no guild wars for many months has drastically reduced guild activity. A pass over Christmas was fine, but repeated delays with little warning is really killing our guild.


I am the GM for 160th Night Stalkers. Our guild has requirements for Guild Wars. I would love to see Guild Wars bug free and fixed before we start playing it again. I sure don’t want to lose points or see my family members leave because of bugs or different issues. I am all for it to be suspended again with all these issues that you are having.

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