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Graphic bug or unfair head start in GW?

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
GW week hasn’t started yet. I expected everyone to be at the same starting line.
However, looking at the existing GW bracket chart, Francaise seems to have a 3k lead already?

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

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It’ll reset before the official start.

But will the ranking of last real GW still be taken in count? I have a bad feeling about all that. On Xbox bracket 1, three guilds have scored some points, all the others are at 0. We won last GW, I hope we wont go to bracket 2 because of the 0 total of this actual bugged GW.

Whichever bracket you are in currently. Will be the one you start in next week.

Ok thats a good thing. But we finished 1st last GW so will we have the correct shedule too?

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This was the only dev response i’ve seen. That was before they fixed it. I’d feel a lot better if, now that we’re unable to access the defense and sentinal tabs, the devs chimed in to confirm brackets or schedules within our tier haven’t been affected. We can say “it shouldn’t” “i hope” all we want, but only the devs can tell us for sure.

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Ugh…I hate the schedule deal. But yes. I see no reason why it wouldn’t be. The API information hasn’t been touched or reset… So come Monday… the CPU will draw it’s data right from it. Regardless of bugs in between… except for the Sentinels deal. Somehow it’s supposed to honor that still. But we’ll see.

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Thanks Venus. Yeah I also saw this answer from Saltypatra. Could the devs really tell for sure, I dont know. :laughing: The thing that make me affraid is that SOMETHING from this bugged GW will still be kept! Thats the sentinels if upgraded.
But as @awryan said “we will see” :sweat_smile:


Regarding the guild wars concerns I’m just clarifying this with the team so I can provide accurate info for you all.

  1. Sentinel upgrades and defense teams will carry over if you set them already during the server issues
  2. Guild wars battles fought and consequent points earned will be reverted come reset Monday 5 pm AEST
  3. Ladder movements, points acquired or bracket changes that were acquired will be reset to the previous week before the GW server issue began
  4. If you fought battles during the issue the will be playable again

What lets people fight GW battles when the event hasn’t started yet?

Thank you!! Appreciate you looking into it and giving us clarification.

So everything that I said. Just in list form. :yum:

@VenusBlue Asked for some clarification, so, yes. Just in list form. And now it’s in a nice collected format.

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Now that we know what’s supposed to happen, let’s just hope reality isn’t bugged. Because a bug caused the problem in the first place.

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I asked for DEVELOPER confirmation. For the most part that’s how i thought it would be too. But i’m not a dev, so it’s just speculation and guessing. And the devs can’t be held accountable for how i think it should be.

Thank you for these clarifications.