[Fixed] Gw score bug or working as intended?

PS4. Ingame leaderboard for guild wars bracket 3

Is this correct a guild gets an entire weeks score headstart?their score is continuosly climbing


Definitely not working as intended.

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You are not the only ones seeing it. There will be reports from PC/mobile soon too.

Another example from PC/Mobile B16
as much as i would love to take credit for the 1Mil points myself :smirk:


I’m guessing the score they got last GW did not reset to zero this week and it is being added to.

Is apparently a display bug, the guild fighting them today can see their actual score accrued today.

Can we get confirmation from a dev on this?

It looks to me like the total score is being counted based on the fact the guilds are in first place for their bracket.

Hey folks, I have no information for you yet just letting you know I’ve seen these GW reports, it’s not business hours here yet so I’m waiting for the relevant team members to get in so we can sort this out, I’ll bring it up as soon as they walk through the door.


I’ve made an article if anyone would like to follow it to be notified of changes/updates for the issue:


Thank you kafka

Hey folks, this has been fixed.

It affected the scores of 3 Guilds on PC/mobile and 1 Guild on PS4 so thankfully it was small and easily contained and rectified :smiley:

The team have also done a thorough check into what caused it to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


How’s about you tell us that you will start testing stuff and that bugs will never again?

If you can name ONE live service game, app or piece of software that never has bugs, I will personally write to them to ask how they do it.

While you struggle with that, we will continue looking at how we can improve our processes so that things like this don’t happen in future.

Luckily this issue didn’t affect you at all, not your scores, not your ranking, not your results because we solved it before day 1 ended. Also it affected 4 Guilds over all of the platforms we support and out of thousands and thousands of Guilds it could have affected.

We are sorry it happened at all, but we are glad it is actually a minor issue which didn’t actually affect anything.


@kafka right now.

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