Unannounced Guild Wars this week!


Platform, device version and operating system
The Kitchen Sink

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I expected the Guild Wars UI would be mostly disabled since a Guild Wars is not happening this week.

Instead it’s enabled, I can set defense teams, buy sentinels, etc. I got an in-game mail with extra seals this morning for “Winning Guild Wars” yesterday. I’m so badass I win even when I’m not playing. I’ll let you know on Monday how many Aurai I’m awarded.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Probably once every 2 weeks, then an off-week because it’s expected. This has basically been true since 3.3 released, but the email with seals is new.

Steps to make it happen again

  1. Exist.

Pruning Inactive/Dead Guilds
Graphic bug or unfair head start in GW?

They heard we like Guild Warz and couldn’t wait until Monday


Yeah we got that too - in the main GW screen, it shows GW as starting in ~19 hours or something like that, but on the main panel that shows raid boss, invasion, etc, GW is down as starting in ~11 days.


It appears that Guild Wars and Raids could work at the same time.


yay! what? for real?


Probably a bug…


Are you 100% certain you received your seals for winning sunday’s daily win when you collected your mail monday? A few of us didn’t, so getting them now would make sense. I filed a ticket so i got them today anyway. The rest is a bug, i’m not disputing that. Although being able to upgrade sentinals and set defenses way ahead would be a nice QoL improvement. I like having more than 24 hours to rework my defense teams. Seeing last week’s winners for any of the guild events would be nice too. There’s a definite discrepancy between the timer on the main guild screen (11d 17h) and when you enter the GW menu (day 1 starts in 17h). So i guess this really isn’t hurting anyone unless they upgrade their sentinals now and set their defenses and never check them til GW actually starts. But if anyone is foolish enough to do that knowing all the bugs and problems we’ve had every week since the update, i don’t really feel too bad.


I did. Just collected both about 20 mins ago (I always save GW seal collection until after I hit 1500 to max them out). They both added to our guild total.


I received mine as well


I though maybe our missing seals had something to do with the GW menu being accessible, but it looks like a whole separate mess. I just looked at my collected mail. This morning i received “missing seals” opened it and got 100 seals. That now says 50 seals. But there’s also “daily guild wars victory” which is empty, and definitely was not there 6 hours ago when it says it was collected. I got my 50 from sunday, so i’m just happy that’s squared now. I finished my 1500 for the week on monday so i didn’t take notice if the 100 i supposedly got this morning added 100 to our total or 50, the correct amount. Dead god, what a cluster!!


I didn’t get any mailed seals but GW is open, says it starts in ~15 hours, and I can set my defenses. I can also buy Sentinels but no chance I’m doing that until something is confirmed one way or another.


oh yay, guild wars, bounty, and raids all at the same time, that sounds magical…


I bet they are working on weeding out those dead/inactive guilds. So I will take this as a good sign!


is that a bug with the guilds or not?


Don’t know but it says starts in 1 day…

Not a good sign.


yes and how do you get that out now whether you are tomorrow or not?


At the bottom it says starts in 12 hours


but this one says 11 days? which should be the actual correct start date unless they change things


@Saltypatra what is the official word on this? Is there a condensed gw getting ready to start tomorrow or not. If there is it would be nice to know in advance so we can prepare for it.


What exactly are you going to need time to prepare?