Guild Wars Setup

I was under the impression monday was supposed to be paperwork day. Get everything in order for the coming war. But everything is turned off. I’m worried this is going to cause a blitz at rollover to attack everyone before sentinels and defenses get set.

Did I massively misunderstand or is something buggy about the roll out?


I was expecting this as well, especially after @Sirrian’s comment here:

Any word on this @Nimhain or @Saltypatra?

I can’t access anything except the screens and the first say 23 hours before event starts

Also the GW troop - Penguin - has changed. Is this what is supposed to happen or are the imps running amok around the servers again? :smile:

My guess is that it was intended. Penguin would have been the reward for last week’s war, which didn’t happen but the system needed something to be there as I assume there is no option for “no war” built in.


My understanding was they would cycle around in a circle for a couple of months before the next set came in, so we’ll see him again in five weeks.


Hey guys,

We’ve had some issues with setting up the brackets & ranks for Guild Wars. We had well over 2000 Guilds register for our first war - which we expected, and had tested, BUT running the setup on the live servers ran into a couple of issues - it’s a lot more complex than simply shuffling 2000 things around… long story short, we had a couple of relatively minor issues that might need tricky fixes.

We’re going to attempt to get that resolved in the next hour. If it takes longer than that, we’re going to delay the start of Guild Wars for 1 week, since in that case, the fixes we need to make will need some solid testing.


Thanks @Nimhain. Good luck.

Hey everyone,

We’re going to delay the first Guild War for a week, while we test (and re-test , and re-test) the setup code some more.

Very sorry about that - but a week’s delay is better than a bunch of really nasty little glitchy errors that we were about to run into.

btw - no need to re-register… you’ll all be automatically registered in the next one.
You’ll also receive an in-game mail explaining this very shortly, with a little present attached.


Thanks for the update @Sirrian. And the gift.


Just curious: What was the troop in the mail? I saw the icon for a troop in the mail, but no troop popped up as the rewards.

Bummer. But, better safe than sorry. Thanks for the excellent communication.

It was this week GW reward troop.

Well, seems like I didn’t get it. I still have 0 Aurai. I guess I should contact support?

EDIT: Oh, the mail is back up for grabs. Weird.

Maybe it was random GW troop? Check the rest and if none are there, you should contact.

It was a bug when I claimed the mails. I restarted the game and the GW delay mail was there again and I’ve obtained Aurai now.


Guess it’s a good thing Apple pushed things through early, so we can have GW on time.


Oh well. Keep going devs. We look forward to it next week.

I hope next week things shall run flawlessly for us, so we can all finally enjoy something we’ve been waiting for for quite a while. Good luck

These things happen. Better to wait a week for a smooth running machine!

And I know a thing or two about machines… :grin: Points to title :point_up:

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