Guild war this week?

I registered on Saturday but the Guild Wars tab says I’m registered for the next war which starts in 6 days 22hrs. All the tabs are grayed out except the registration tab so don’t think I’ve successfully registered for this week?

I see something similar on the “Register” tab, but on the “Schedule” tab, it says “Day 1 starts in 20h, 46m” at the bottom. I assume that means that our Guild has been successfully registered for the first week.

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My schedule tab was not accessible so it doesn’t look like the registration went through.
Think it’s worth submitting a ticket? Someone on reddit has the same problem.

yes you probably should

Apologies about the wait, unfortunately the setup of Guild Wars on console took a bit longer than we thought, but it all should have been up and running about an hour after weekly reset.

Good luck this week in the wars!


I checked again a few minutes ago, when Day 1 should actually start.
But nothing changed except for the counter which now reads “Day 1 starts in 23h 44m”.

Is it postponed once more?


Was just about to post that. If it starts tomorrow though it’ll end on Monday? I’ll give it an hour and restart and see if if fixes itself like yesterday.

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Just cross posting my thoughts on this matter from another thread:

It’s fixed now.