505 (the publisher) Please stop making Guild Wars into Update Wars

If the title isn’t clear enough. Whenever a new patch comes out it causes issues for Guild Wars. Almost every single time!
The issues happen for those who have updated already or haven’t updated yet… There’s no rhyme or reason to it.
Since you don’t have the type of QA that can be 99% sure there won’t be bugs that are caused by an update.
Please do the easiest and simplest solution. Don’t push out a patch… Or don’t force your developer to… During a guild wars week. Which means you can still push out an update to Gems of War 39 weeks a year! The dissatisfaction that these bugs cause effect at least 50% of your player base. Because…even if the bug doesn’t effect the player directly. It certainly effects at least 1 of the members in their guild. Resulting in possibly less rewards in this guild wars and the next. Not to mention the time the support staff will have to spend trying to figure out the issue and remedying it.

I assume the rush to push out patches is motivated by financial reasons that I’m not privy to. Currently your decision to push out the update this week looks greedy. That and you don’t care if bugs or crashes happen during guild wars. Instead of 505 Games being the one down side to my Gems of War experience. Let’s try to work better together (as in publisher and all players) so that everyone can have a happy experience playing the game. But even more importantly, so that GoW remains profitable enough to keep the game around. (The decision to push the patch this week hurt all parties involved.)

PS… Ask your developer… I’m not “Monday quarterbacking” the issues experienced the past 24 hours. I (and many others) have always vehemently warned against updates during GW.


I had a chance to think about it after Mana_Surgeon’s topic about 4.5 eating his sigil.

They probably don’t release the updates except GWs so people aren’t “paying money” to potentially lose sigils which may cause potential problems and major backlash if its a widespread issue.

As much as I hate saying it, Guild Wars makes them almost no money, so even if it impacts players, it doesn’t impact their bottom line.

Still, stop releasing them on Guild Wars weeks please.

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I respectfully, immensely, disagree with this statement.
I can only state my own thoughts and beliefs. But if I’m dissatisfied with a product or company. I’m less inclined to invest more money into it or rent it’s products. Because essentially we don’t buy anything from 505, we just rent it. But I know of at least 2 of my own players that acquired losses from not updating to 4.5…I know for some (myself included) we take this game super serious so we check the forums or every single discord post so we’re constantly “in the know”. But that’s a small population of the player base. The others just wait until the app store automatically updates the game. I digress, I for one and am running low on gems after my 4th cosmetic pet in a row being taken to mythic rarity. But now I have to wait until the end of the week before I can allow myself to purchase more gems. Because at the end of the week I’ll know if this update caused me to get less guild wars rewards than I would’ve had they waited a week to force the update out. So yes, with me at the very least, it does effect their bottom line @TheIdleOne. I’m not going to buy gems if I feel like I got :nut_and_bolt:d out of ones I should’ve received.

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I’m sticking to the simplest explanation.

Guild Wars is the only mode without a Tier VII infinite gem sink. Therefore it’s the cheapest event for the devs to disrupt. Doesn’t matter if it’s the publisher or the devs making the decision, they’re both looking at the revenue stream.


And the only mode that can’t be compensated for properly. Have a crash in Invasions? Here’s some sigils back.

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Now you’re thinking with sigils!

It’s not an idea or a request.
It’s being done already.

Actually the simplest explanation is the publisher doesn’t know a goddamn thing about the game.

*spams dollar signs again*


Honestly? They know how to get dolla.

The forums core’s been mad at the game for what, 3 updates? How many people have really quit? How many of those are spending $50+ monthly? I don’t often see leaderboard players here complaining.

I’d say it’s the community players who don’t know anything about the game. I think 505 will argue it’s “a revenue stream with high player engagement” and that it’s doing really well. “Having fun” isn’t really part of their battle plan, that’s the part the devs sort of have to work out how to sneak in.

Lots of people over in the deed thread are willing to jump on that as righteous, too. Don’t bother suggesting you want different monetization. Plenty of people agree if you aren’t spending you don’t have an ethical basis for an opinion. It’s a stinky opinion, but that won’t stop them from quadruple-posting it.

Updates will always be on guild wars weeks whenever they can manage it. For all but the top bracket and the margin of each reward tier, the rewards are already locked in based on your bracket. Your performance during the week has no effect on your rewards (for the current period).

Since the only guilds that are disrupted are top tier or at the margins of each reward tier, only a few hundred users have the potential for disruption; let’s say 10 guilds x 30 players, so 300 out of 1000s. And they are most likely to be endgame users who are active on the forums and know how to submit tickets.

Long story short, as someone who works client services for a software company, I’d 100% have updates only occur during guild wars because they cause the least disruption. Guild Wars results primarily affect what bracket you are put into for the next War which looks at the overall week, so a glitch over a day or two doesn’t matter.


Yeah that’s actually an interesting point. For 99% of players, losing every GW match will result in no impact on their rewards, and it’ll be months before perfect runs move them up a single reward tier.

There’s only like, 120 people who might be negatively impacted. A significant portion of them loudly announce that they don’t spend money on the game. Easy choice.


If your largest “whale” base and community leaders are affected then there’s a residual effect that can’t be understated. There’s a reason why governments try hard to keep their “1%” happy. Smart business companies do the same.
I can’t convince fellow players to care about issues that don’t effect them. But guild wars are the only guild event where it’s PvP (to a certain respect.)
The issue this week had to do with players on 4.5 facing defenses that were hand picked by players on 4.4 still.
Any other week this wouldn’t be an issue or cause crashes during guild events. It would happen only in ranked PVP and would therefore be fixed by the time guild wars starts up again.
And as I pointed out already in this thread. Compensation in regards of Invasions, Tower of Doom and Raids can be easily given out. Guild wars bug issues offers no compensation and can’t be fixed after a loss.
Those who feel like guild wars week is the best time to do an update aren’t using a single ounce of empathy to those affected. And further more, aren’t putting more thought into it other than “not my problem”.
Well when the game can no longer afford the servers or the staff… It’ll be your problem then.
The amount of players in Gems of War peaked when guild wars was every week. And has since diminished as guild wars has diminished as well. Further trying to squeeze what they can out of “whales” but not with the mentality of retaining the “whales”. That’s what it looks like on the outside at least.

PS…The Switch GoW base also got an update this week. And they are doing Invasions or Raids… Not GW. So no I don’t think 505 cares what the event week is. I think they just care that they had an update ready and “Leroy Jenkins” the frank out of it.

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@Slypenslyde I’ve been on the leaderboard, as recently as last week, yet I’m still bitching. This update during gw jacked us all, whether you care about gw or not. Several people in my guild got losses for battles they couldn’t even play, and that’s not right. The fact that the devs refuse to do anything about gw results is also beyond disappointing. I don’t know what the fix for this week is, but I know that going forward updates should NEVER be released gw week.