4.5 ate my sigil!

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I completed a level on the Invasion event (the very first level actually), having 21 sigils at the start of the event due to shop purchases. I won the stage and the game froze. After waiting ~10 mins or so, I restarted, and the game showed that I had made no progress in the Invasion and that I only had 20 sigils. I expected either to have all 21 of my original sigils, or for the game to recognize that I had beaten the first level.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
One-off bug so far.

Steps to make it happen again
Literally just played the first stage on Invasion. I was playing docked, using a wired connection (so it wasn’t wifi related).

A crash mid game counts as a loss. Now if only they could prevent crashes…

Understandable. But this was after the game, as the rewards screen was loading.

And before it connected to the server to report it as a win.

Do you all have “bonus sigils now”?
Where you can use more sigils to get bonus stats now?
Epic, Legendary and mythic battles now I think is what they call them.

Yep, we got them with the 4.5 update.

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Please contact support so we can help you further.

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It’s possible that you did an Epic battle. But it sounds like support will reimburse you either way. So cool! :grinning:

Yeah, it’s nice of them to be so responsive.

That said, I know it wasn’t an epic battle because I was messing with the new interface after I restarted and saw that I still had my free trial epic battle available.

Yes and no. Lol
Not saying you’re incorrect. But there’s a bug that causes you to see that the Epic battle for free is available. But do me a favor when you get a chance. After you click on it. It’ll bring you back to the original screen. On that screen you’ll see the number of sigils it takes to do the battle. If working correctly it’ll say Zero… If it’s not then it’ll say 2. Which means you already used the Epic free battle. And it doesn’t reset either. It’ll stay as the epic battle after you use the free one. So if you don’t change it manually or exit the game mode right after the battle… It’ll charge you 2 sigils for the next match. Which is what I believe is the case today.

But he said it was his very first battle, so it shouldnt cost amything.
It supposed to startvat normal difficulty level though when you start the event.

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So thanks again @Cyrup for your prompt response and addressing my loss of sigil!

I checked, it said zero cost in the epic battle select screen, and when I selected legendary battle, the cost for the battle was 1 sigil, meaning my free one is still intact.

Hotfood is right, it was my very first battle, and the epic battle box was set to normal IIRC (it has not defaulted to being anything other than Normal since then, I am keeping an eye on it).

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